Gang war

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Jay grabbed Charlie's hand. "Come on let's get you home." After putting Charlie to bed, Jay grabbed two beers. "So Kensi and her family are all settled?"

"Yeah. How's Charlie?"

"Her head barely hit the pillow, but now we have to be extra careful, Bryan can come back."

"So whats your plan?"

"Until he's caught, I don't want Charlie alone, so if we have late nights we can always ask Casey, Gabby or anyone at 51, to help us."

"Okay. But we could always ask Voight, so one of us could stay with her?"

"We could, I'm just thinking." Looking at Charlie's door.

Erin noticing. "Hey. We'll stop Bryan. He's never going to see her again."

Jay sipping his beer. "Yeah I know that."

Wednesday morning, after the first gangland massacre, Jay and Erin took Charlie to meet Erin's mother, for breakfast.

Jay was outside getting the car warmed up. Back inside the apartment. "Hey Charlie are you ready to go, the car's warming up?"

"Yeah, I just need to finish doing my hair." In the bathroom. "Hey, have you seen my hairbrush?"

"Check the draw, I cleaned up yesterday."

Charlie took a long pause. "Oh, I found it, thank you." Five minutes later Charlie was ready to go. "Okay, let's go out to breakfast."

Charlie was wearing a pink and grey long sleeve v neck shirt and her black skinny jeans, with her hair up in a ponytail.

Erin was down by the car waiting. "Hey what took you so long?"

Jay pointing to Charlie. "Your daughter needed to wash, brush and put up her hair, before we could leave the house."

Charlie looked at Jay. "Really?"

"Who was the one that just spent ten minutes in the bathroom, doing there hair?"

Charlie took a pause. "Okay fine, fair, so are we going to breakfast or talk about my girly habits?"

At the diner, Jay, Erin and Charlie were first to arrive, then Bunny and her husband Johnny came after.

The waitress asking. "Hi, how many?"

Jay looking around. "Um, four maybe five."

"Right this way, I'll seat you for five." Leading them to there table. "Can I start you off with some drinks?"

Jay looking at Erin and Charlie. "Three orange juices please."

"Right away."

Jay looking at his watch. "She's late."

Erin looking out the window. "She'll show, don't worry."

The waitress came back with the drinks. "Anything else?"

"No, not yet."

"Okay take your time."

Bunny and Johnny came in after the drinks arrived. "Hey Erin sorry we're late." Looking at Jay and Charlie. "Hi, I'm Bunny and this is my husband Johnny."

When Charlie saw Johnny, she hid behind Jay. "Charlie you're okay, mom and I will be here the whole time."

Charlie came out from behind Jay. "Hi."

After everyone sat down, and loosened up, everyone felt comfortable with each other and was able to get to know each other a lot better.

Bunny started saying, as the food came out. "So Charlie, how do you know Jay and Erin?"

"Well Jay's my uncle, but both my parents were mean and left me at Chicago Med, so Jay took me in, and after my parents died, Jay and Erin wanted to adopt me."

"So how did you two meet?"

"When my parents left me at Chicago Med, I had Erin's card, and Jays card on me, and the nurse called Erin and that's how we met."

An hour later the call came in about the second round of gangland massacres, Jay and Erin had to show up on sight.

Jay and Erin's work phone's beeped. "Go for Halstead."

"Go for Lindsay."

Voight's voice came over both phones. "Round two of the two-threes and Latin Persists gang war, meet us at 127 Wicker park highway."

Jay made a sign for a the check. "Hey do you guys mind bringing Charlie back to the district for us?"

"Um, yeah sure."

"But dad, I have school?"

Jay was fishing in his pocket. "Not today." Jay put the money down and walked out.

After the second round of gangland wars finished one of the living prospect went to intelligence for help.

"I'm looking for either Detective Halstead or Sargent Voight?"

"I'll call and see if they're in." Calling up. "Hey Nadia are Halstead and Voight up there?"

"Yeah, Sarge they are."

"Send them down please."

Looking at Jay and Voight. "Um Sargent Platt would like to see you both downstairs."

Jay looking at Voight. "I can go." Downstairs in the lobby, Jamie and Kyle asked for there help. "Hey what are you guys doing here?"

"Detective we need your help, we want to help bring down the two- three's."

"Let's talk upstairs." Putting his hand on the scan. "Toni with me."

Erin was helping Charlie with her school work.

"Erin why didn't Jay have me go to school?"

"Well it's safer here then at your school. Plus Bryan is still out their watching at waiting." 

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