Divided we fall

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Ethan, Samantha, and Shawn were the doctor's on call.

"Jay Halstead's family?" Ethan asked.

"Erin Lindsay's family?" Sam asked.

"Adam Ruzek's family?" Shawn asked.

Charlie and Voight stood up. "We're both Jay and Erin's family."

Both doctors conversing together. "Well both Jay and Erin need transplants, Jay's liver has been damaged. While Erin's kidney has been damaged. We are looking for donors as we speak."

Charlie looked at Voight. "Test me. I want to try and save my uncle, I need him and Erin in my life. Please test me."

"Well we'll need your parents consent." Alec said.

"My parents are who I'm trying to  save, my birth parents killed themselves, Jay and Erin and all I have left. Can I see them?"

"Yeah through those doors." Alec pointed.

Jay and Erin were laying unconscious on the two beds in the room, wires and tubing were attached to them. Charlie rested her head on Jay's chest.

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