Jay and Erin meet Kensi

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After the meeting Charlie and Kensi went to the 21st district to see Jay and Erin.

As both girls walked in the desk Sargent stopped them. "Can I help you girls?"

Charlie walked up to her desk. "Hey Sarge, are Jay and Erin in?"

"They just walked out, want me to beep you in?"

"Um, no just let him know we stopped by, but he did say he had money for me in his desk."

Sargent Platt beeped Charlie in. Nadia was sitting at her desk and noticed Charlie. "Hey what you doing here?"

"Jay has money for me, but Platt said he just left."

"Oh, yeah, it's in his center drawer, he said you can take it."

"Okay, thanks Nadia."

As Charlie and Kensi were leaving Jay and Erin were walking in.

Jay noticed Charlie. "Hey sweetie, how was your meeting?" Jay hugging her.

"The meeting was great, I talked about Josh and Kristan."

"Thats good, so is it something you're going to continue going to?"

"Yeah, and Mrs. Wolfe gave me her home number incase I need to talk to her." Looking at Kensi. "Oh before I forget, Jay, Erin this is my very best friends Kensi, Kensi my uncle Jay and his partner Erin."

Kensi shaking there hands. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Charlie talks about you two a lot."

"And the same about you." Jay smiled.

Erin said smiling. "We're so glad Charlie has someone to help through all of this."

Voight, Ruzek, Antonio, Atwater, and Olinsky were standing by the gate.

"Halstead, Lindsay we've got new leads come on. " Voight said all serious and what not.

"Well, we'll let you go track down the leads, um, Kensi and I are going home to order pizza, you two be safe." Looking at the unit. "I want everyone coming home safe tonight." Hugging and kissing Jay and Erin and waving bye to the others.

Back at Jay's apartment Charlie put in the order for pizza. "I need a large meat lover's pizza and garlic bread sticks."

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