Jay's school meeting.

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At the school in Ms. Lange's office Charlie was sitting outside waiting for Jay to come.

Jay asked looking surprised. "Hey, what are you doing down here?"

"I have no idea, Ms. Lange just called me down, so shall we?"

In Ms. Lange office. Charlie knocking on her open door. "Ms. Lange this is my legal guardian Detective Jay Halstead, Jay my principle Ms. Lange."

"It's a pleasure ma'am." Jay shaking her hand. "Um, I'm actually her uncle, so I need to change the contact info and her address."

Ms. Lange asked out loud accidentally. "Are you married?" Quickly trying to recover. "I just mean you seem so young to have a teenager."

A moment of awkward silence . "So the papers?" Looking over at Charlie apologizing without saying it. Jay changed the information for Charlie at school. Out in the hallway. "I'm sorry."

"For? Oh, you mean in Ms. Lange's office. Yeah well I told you so."

"Yeah, I know you did, so what time are you getting out?"

"Well since I'm missing algebra right now, now I have to stay after school and get the notes. So three-thirty, but on a normal day three o'clock. Why?"

"So, I can let Voight know, I have to pick you up, and get you in three in a half hours."

"Jay my friend Kensi can always bring me to the twenty-first."

"I'm sure, but for now I'd just feel more comfortable that I pick you up."

"Yeah, okay I understand. Well I need to get back to class so, see you later."

In Charlie's english class, her long standing boyfriend Mike come up from behind and just held her.

"So who were you talking too?"

"Who Jay? He's my uncle/ legal guardian."

"What about your jackass father?"

"He's dead and so is my mother, my uncle is taking care of me."

"Well does this mean we can finally be together, and not just during school hours?"

Turning into Mike's embrace. "Yes it does." Kissing him. "We just need to break it gently to my uncle, mostly so he doesn't shoot you."

"Ha that's a joke right?" Mike questioned.

Back at Intelligence. Jay walked in and Sargent Platt stopped him.

"Hey Halstead, there's two men here to see you." Pointing.

"Hi. I'm detective Halstead, you two looking for me?"

"Charlie Stone. Her father's will states Charlie stays with his brother and his family, so if you could bring Charlie to this address, by tonight that would be great." The two men handing Jay there cards and the address.

"Um, well Ms. Stone is under CPD custody, she's helping us link cases her father maybe a part of, and we have to work around her school situation, and we don't need anymore roadblocks, so when we finish, I'll be sure to bring her to this address."

Waiting for them to be gone. "Detective Halstead did you just lie to them?"

"Well, only the part of her helping us, but the rest is true. Mostly. Fine yes I lied. If anyone else asks about Charlie turn them away."

"You got it."

Up in the office, Jay knocked at Voight's door frame.

Vought looking at Jay. "Halstead, kid you okay?"

"Charlie's principle hit on me, but um, Charlie has to stay after for her math class, so I need to leave at three to pick her up."

"Jay if you need to leave to pick up Charlie, thats fine, just let me know, I remember doing the same thing for Erin."

"Thank you Sarge."

Back at Charlie's school.

Out in the hall Kensi and Charlie were at there lockers. "Hey Charlie so if you want I can drive you and pick you up for school."

"Yeah, I know but with everything thats happened my uncle feels better if he drives me and picks me up. I hope you understand."

"Yeah, so when can we hang out?" Closing her locker.

Charlie closing hers. "I don't know maybe this weekend, my uncle's been weird since he took me home, Saturday."

"Okay well we have each others numbers call me when we can hang out."

"Yeah okay." Patting her jeans pocket then checked her bag. "Uh, Kensi I can't find my phone. Can you call it for me?"

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