Jay takes Charlie home.

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The two teams came together around Kristan's body as the medical examiner was removing the body.

Jay bend down next to the body and spoke. "You took the cowards way out."

The paramedic brought Charlie back. "Detective she's been cleared."

Charlie didn't say anything, she just hugged Jay.

"Come on, I'll take you back to Intelligence."

"No." Was all Charlie said.

"What do you want to go home?" Charlie nodded her head.

"Yeah, its been a long day." Erin smiled.

"Uh, Voight can I?" Jay asked.

"Yeah sure, I'll have someone drop off the file, to you."

Jay and Charlie drove home, not long after Jay started driving charlie had fallen asleep, so Jay took the short way home. Well Jay had to carry Charlie into the apartment, he put her on the couch and found himself taking a nap as well.

Erin and Antonio had dropped off the case files to Jay, two hours later though.

Erin knocking on the door. "Jay we have your file."

Nobody answered at first so Antonio knocked louder. "Jay bud come on wake up."

The door opened and Charlie was standing there rubbing her eyes. "Uncle Jay is sleeping, but i can tell him you're here?"

"No, sweetie thats fine here just give him this file so he can fill it out."

"Okay." Looking at the table. "Erin wait you forgot your jacket in uncle Jay's car today." Handing it to her. "Here."

"Oh, thank you Charlie."

Jay was still asleep, so Charlie called Erin and asked her to bring over some pizza.

Charlie in Jay's room. "Uncle Jay it's seven o'clock, and I'm starving." Grabbing Jay's phone calling Erin. "Erin, uncle Jay is still asleep could you please bring pizza over here i'm hungry?"

"Yeah i'm on my way." Erin said.

Erin had fresh from the oven pizza. "Hey Charlie i have fresh pizza."

"Thanks Erin."

Jay could smell the pizza and woke up. "Hey what time is it?"

"Jay it's seven thirty- five at night, i left the file on the table."

"Charlie why didn't you wake me up?"

"I tried, but you didn't move, so I called Erin and asked her to bring dinner."

Erin said putting the boxes down. "Well Charlie now that Jay's awake, I'll leave you two alone, um don't forget the file, otherwise Voight will flip out."

"Yeah, i know, Um, Charlie we need to talk." Erin walked out. Jay pulled out two plates. "Come on lets talk." Sitting at the table. "So both your parents are dead, but this was after the fact I requested your placement with me. What I'm trying to ask is, do you want this to be permanent?"

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