Jay takes Charlie in.

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Back at Chicago Med, Erin was at Charlie's bedside as they slept, Jay laid, his hand on Charlie's head and gave her a kiss.
Erin woke up. "Hey Jay your back, hey are you okay?"
"Charlie was left here right?" Jay asked still standing next to Charlie.
"Uh, that's what she told me and Antonio. Why?"
"I'm taking her and she'll be living with me, and besides I'm the next living relative, but I mean who leaves there fourteen year old for no reason at a hospital?"
Charlie started to wake up. "Uncle Jay...."
"I'm here sweetheart." Rubbing her head.
"Did you see them?"
"Yeah I did, your dad said you ran away." Sitting on the bed. "How would you like to stay with me?"
"You're not gonna send me back their are you?"
"I'll do whatever you want, if you want to stay with me you can, and I won't send you back unless you want me to okay." Erin got up and rested her hands on Jay's shoulders. "Erin can help too, she's a great listener."
The doctors called child protective services for Charlie.
"I'm looking for Charlie Stone?"
Jay and Erin heard Charlie's name. "Come on." Outside. "Hi, I'm detective Halstead and this is detective Lindsay, Charlie Stone is in the custody of the Intelligence unit, she's part of an ongoing investigation. So she's unavailable to you or anyone for the time being."
"Funny how that happens to work out for you and the girl."
Jay grabbed the guy. "Say that again. I dare you."
Erin ripped Jay off. "Jay go see Charlie. I'll handle this okay."
Back at Intelligence Ruzek and Olinsky booked Josh and Kristan for child abuse and rape.
Voight, Antonio, Olinsky and Ruzek were in the office, when the NYPD's Special Victims Unit Olivia Benson, Amanda Rollins, Nick Amaro and Fin Tutuola called asking to see them downstairs.     

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