Jay finds Charlie

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Jay, Ruzek, Olinsky, and Atwater arrived at the hospital.
Jay walked over to Erin and noticed Charlie. Jay walked in. "Charlie are you okay?"
"Uncle Jay." Starting to cry. "He just went crazy and she let him do it."
"It's okay honey." Sitting next to Charlie. "Did you tell Erin what happened?"
"Not everything. But I can't tell you, I'll only tell Erin."
"I'll go grab her." Outside Charlie's room. "Erin, Charlie has something to tell you."
"Okay." Inside Charlie's room. "Hey Jay says you have something to tell me?"
"About two days ago, my dad did something to me, it was about two in the morning, and he climbed into my bed.... And he...." Charlie started crying. "He raped me, I could smell the alcohol on his breath, my mom found him raping me and did nothing to stop him or save me." Looking away. "I want my uncle back in here please."
"I'll go grab him." Out in the hall. "Jay Charlie wants you."
"Thanks. Hey sweetie." Jay sitting next to Charlie holding her.
Charlie started crying. "She didn't stop him,.... He raped me. She just stood their and watched it happen, then just today he went crazy and threw me out, it was so unexpected."
Jay rubbing Charlie's back. "Okay I'll go see him. My team will protect you." Jay kissed the top of Charlie's head, Erin walked in. "Erin will stay here with you, until I get back okay."
Jay and Kevin went to speak with Charlie's parents.
Kevin asked. "Anything I should know?"
"Kristan's been in abusive relationship before, she just doesn't get it. She keeps putting herself in danger
"So do you believe Charlie?"
"Honestly I do, Josh is just a huge dick, but Kristan like I said dealt with that with previous relationships. Just the fact she married a guy like that, again."
At the front door, Jay knocked on the door.
Josh opened the door. "Hey Jay what are you doing here?"
"Um, is Charlie here, my friend Erin has a teenager living with her, and I was wondering if I could use Charlie's help?"
"Actually Charlie left last night, and I don't know where she is."
"So she ran away?"
"No she's just taking some time off, she'll be back next week or later."
"It's October, it gets cold at night, Where's Kristan anyways?"
"Upstairs cleaning out Charlie's room."
"So she's not allowed back inside your house?"
"She made her choice."
Jay looking at Kevin. "Do you smell alcohol on his breath?"
"Yes I do."
Josh tried to close the door, but Jays foot was in the way.
Jay pulled his gun. "Not smart. I have Charlie she's safe, you on the other hand and Kristan are both in trouble. Charlie told my partner what happened. So why don't you and Kristan come with us."

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