Charlie's test

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Sargent Platt came in with flowers. "How's the patient doing?"

"Still scared. But thank you for the flowers."

Connor walked in. "Hey Charlie. So April needs to check your stitches, is there anything you need?"

"Anything to stop these nightmares, I would love it."

"Sorry but I can give you sleeping pills, to help."

After April checked Charlie's stitches Jay and Erin said there good nights and waited for the sleeping pills to knock her out.

"So which one of us is leaving for the night?" Jay whispered.

"I'll come relieve you in a few hours, or you can text me."

"Okay. Hey. Um in my bottom left draw are my files, can you pick them up for me?"

"What makes you think I'm going back to the district?"

"Uh, because Voight asked for an update when we had a chance."

"Okay fine, you have a point." Kissing Charlie's forehead. "I'll be back later honey. I promise."

Back at 21st up in Intelligence everyone was still working.

"Hey how's Charlie?" Antonio asked.

"Not great Charlie is way to afraid of Jay or any male figure she comes in contact with." In Voight's office. "How do we help Charlie?"

"Not much until she's ready. Erin; Charlie was hurt by a man you've gotta show her all the love and approval you can, and make sure Charlie knows its not her fault, that any of this happened."

Back at the hospital Jay was looking at his phone with a picture of him and Charlie hugging. "I'll get you back honey I promise."

Erin was doing the same thing at her desk, except her picture had her Jay and Charlie. "We'll get you past this honey I promise." 

Authors note: The next couple of chapters will have the same name not sure how many "Test's" Charlie will have, but she's recovering from her time in Mexico 

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