Charlie's test II

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Erin walked into Voight's office. "Um, I'm going  to work for a few hours okay."

"Yeah, but tell Jay he's got all the time he needs, you too. Charlie's your guys first priorities right now, you get her past Bryan, Mexico, the sex slave thing."

"Yeah we will." Erin at her desk, looking at her phone with a picture of her, Charlie and Jay, and wound up falling asleep at her desk. Antonio looked at Erin's phone, Jay texted to have her stop by.

Back at the hospital Jay was looking at his phone with a picture of Charlie and him before this sex slave thing with Bryan changed her. "I will get you back I promise." Looking at Nadia as she had Jay's case file.

"I'm here to relieve you. Erin fell asleep at her desk. Antonio asked me to take over for you, so you can go home and rest."

"Thanks Nadia." Back at his apartment in Charlie's room, Jay slept in her bed after four and half months.

Nadia called both Jay and Erin when Charlie woke up, and Jay brought Charlie a change of clothes. Erin brought in some of Charlie's favorite breakfast foods.

At Charlie's door. "Hey Sweetie how are you feeling?"

"I'm okay, sort of." Charlie was fiddling with her bedsheets.

Jay holding up a bag. "I brought you a change of clothing."

Erin smiling. "Well I have Teddy's bakery in this box."

"Oh yeah I'm starving." Charlie rubbing her stomach.

Gabby, Casey and Severide stopped by with cards and gifts from 51. Gabby smiled. "You up for more visitors?"

"Yeah. And I'm sorry about yesterday." Climbing back into the bed.

"Charlie you don't have to apologize for anything, we're just glad you're safe."

Charlie had spaced out, visions from Mexico came and went that day.

Back at the district Platt had a collection can for Jay and Charlie.

Platt making the announcement. "Everybody, listen, Detective Jay Halstead had his daughter kidnapped, and he just saved her so I'm asking you to help them, the collection can will be on my desk. Thank you."

Upstair in Intelligence, Adam and Alvin were talking when Voight pulled Alvin away.

"Why Al, you go a sec?"

"Yeah whats up?"

"Charlie's uncle Bryan, he has to go, so I'm thinking call in a favor so he's visited?"

"I'll make some calls."

"Alright I'm going to visit Charlie."

"Send her our love."

"I will."

At Chicago Med, Roman and Burgess were watching the door.

Voight patting there backs. "Go I've got this."

"Thanks Sarge."

Voight knocked on the door. "Hey sweetie how you holding up?"

"My uncle kidnapped me and used me for sex, how should I be feeling?"

Voight just took it.

Charlie just realized what she did. "I'm sorry. Dad's trying to help, so I asked him to go home and sleep."

Voight took a seat. "Well everyone  sends there love, and I'm sorry we waited this long to save you."

Charlie just rolled over, not wanting to look at Hank anymore. 

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