Charlie and Erin talk

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At Chicago Med, Erin and Antonio were at the front desk.
"Detective Lindsay and Detective Dawson we were called because of an abuse victim Charlie Stone?"
"Room nine, down the hall and to the left."
"Thank you." Knocking on the door. "Hi, Charlie, I'm Erin and thus is Antonio can we ask you a few questions?"
Charlie sitting up. "Um, yeah I guess."
"Can you tell us what happened?"
"My father didn't mean too. I knew he had a stressful day, but I kept pushing him, my mother told me, to wait, but I couldn't let it go. So he slapped me, then he dragged me up to my room, I didn't stop pushing, so he threw me down the stairs, then they packed my stuff and left me here."
"What was the thing you kept pushing for?" Antonio asked.
"I.... I needed a.... A permission slip signed for a class field trip."
"How often did this happen?" Erin asked concerned.
"Worst then this, and like ten times maybe more I've lost track, but the hospital should know."
Antonio walking out. "I'll go ask."
Antonio sensed Charlie didn't feel comfortable around him, so he left the room, and let Erin talk to her.
"I'll let you rest, and comeback later." Outside Erin called Voight.
" Voight?"
"Can you send Jay, Ruzek, Olinsky, and Atwater to the hospital."
"I'll send them over."

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