Morning after 51

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"Hey thanks Otis." 

Gabby walking over. "Bringing Charlie to work?"

"Yeah, so how are things?"

"Good but Casey and I hit a patch."

"So did Erin and I. She quite CPD."

"Oh. How's Charlie taking it?"

"Well actually?" Scratching the side of his face.

"Yeah. I'll talk to her."

"Thank you so much." Opening Severide's door. "Charlie honey, come on wake up, it's time to go."

"Okay daddy."

A few minutes later and Charlie was ready to go.

At the district Jay lead Charlie upstairs. "You can sit at my desk, I have to talk to Voight okay."

"Okay." Charlie putting her music on.

Jay knocking on Voight's door. "Hey I'm back."

"How's Charlie?"

"She's okay I mean she did sleepover at 51, so that's a huge step."

"Jay anytime you want to drop her off I don't mind watching her."

"Thanks I might do that."

Suddenly a call in.

Bombing at O'Hara International airport. Jay asked Platt if she could watch Charlie.

"Hey, Sarge can you watch Charlie for a bit?"

"Yeah sure thing."

"Thank's she's um upstairs catching up on school work."

Voight yelled. "Jay let's go."

"Yeah I'm coming." Running but stopped. "Hey Sarge. Thanks."

"Go. I've got Charlie."

Upstairs in Intelligence Charlie was working on her school work, and listening to her music.

Downstairs in the locker Mouse was giving information on the fly. 

At O'Hara the teams entered diamond formation. Jay and Alvin led one team and cleared out any civilians, while Ruzek and Voight  led the others to the gates and cleared that area. But for this case to be success Mouse gave everyone ear wigs as to remain concealed.

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