Bryan finds Charlie.

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Upstairs Charlie had locked herself in one of the hall closets while Jay, Voight, and Erin dealt with Bryan. Jay and Erin went back upstairs and didn't see Charlie at first.

Jay asked looking around. "Where's Charlie?"

Nadia said pointing. "She ran through the door in tears, we heard a clicking sound like she locked herself in a room." Noticing Jay had a worried look on his face. "Um, Jay is everything okay?"

Jay walked into the hall. "Charlie you can come out now. Bryan is gone, I took care of it, sweetheart come on you should be happy we're adopting you, you're gonna have a mom and dad again, please honey come out and talk to us."

Chair unlocked the door and partially opened it, but didn't move, so Jay carefully moved towards the open door. "Hey there you are, why are you hiding in here?"

"I knew this was too good to be true, this always happen." Slightly closing the door.

"Wait hang on, when Josh and Kristan took you back who saved you?"


"And who helped you get into that teen meeting?"


"Thats right me. I did those things. Like I told you from day one I will do everything in my power to protect you, so please come out?"

Charlie had pushed open the hall door, but didn't move, so Jay sat with her until she was ready to move.

Jay heard Erin and Voight's voices. "Hey Charlie, Erin's here and so is Voight."

Charlie started closing up again. Jay waving them off. "Why don't you let me draw Charlie out, I've got her talking." Watching them leave. "Hey it's just you and me again."

"He was mean."

Jay inching closer. "Who was sweetie?"

Charlie looked into Jay's eyes. "Bryan, when you were gone, Bryan was always over, they did things to us, they threatened us if we talked." Tears poured down Charlie's face. Jay slowly pulled Charlie out and held her.

"Come on honey, just let it out." Rubbing Charlie's head and back.

Erin came in. "Charlie can I talk to you please?"

"It's okay I'll be here waiting." Wiping away her tears.

In the break room Erin closed the door. "Sweetie why don't you sit down. Do you want some water ?" Pulling out the chair and sitting with her.

"No thank you, mom you said you wanted to talk. What about?"

"The woman Voight was talking to; she's my mother, I haven't seen or heard from her since I was fourteen when I started living with Voight, but I'm telling you because if you want a relationship with her , we can go with you, but I want you to choose okay."

"What does dad think of this?"

"Jay wants what we all want for you, to feel normal again. We've agreed my mom knows about you, if you want her too, Jay and I will let you make this decision, and we will support you every step of the way."

"Is she nice?"  

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