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Ray's POV

"So tell me, do you prefer guns or knives?" Xion asks as he takes another sip of his tea.

We sit on the ground in my pod, talking about different things. After Xion showed me his unique weapons, we walked around and ended up in my pod.

"I can't decide between the two, not so familiar with either of them. I'm a Scar, after all." I cock my eyebrow at him and stand, feeling the satisfying stretch of my legs.

Xion stands as well, setting his cup down on the desk. He shoves his hands into his pockets, rocking on his heels. It's been a while since I've talked with someone other than Viper, so it's nice to be talking with Xion. The only other person I've really talked to was Grayson, and frankly I don't think I'll be talking to him again.

"I should go, it's getting late." Xion says, giving me a soft smile as he nears the door. I nod, opening it for him.

He stands in the hallway as we say our goodbyes, and then he's gone. And once again I'm alone with my thoughts. I take the cups and throw them away, my mind drifting back to our previous talk.

"Hello, I'm back." Viper announces as she walks in. I turn around and nearly scream as I take in her appearance.

"What the hell happened to you?!" I gasp and step forward. Her entire face is caked with mud, and her clothes are dirty and ripped.

"Well, there's this really cool mud place, I don't know how to explain it but it's so fun to just wrestle in it and get all muddy. I went there with Ethan." She says with an enthusiastic voice. I nod along, shrugging on a light jacket and putting on some combat boots.

"Wait, where are you going? You do know it's getting late." Viper calls out as she climbs up to her bed.

I wave her off, passing through the door and walking away as I call out to her, "Just taking a walk." The doors close behind me before she has the chance to speak, and the hallway grows silent.

I take a left, heading for the headquarters. "Crimson and Clover..." I quietly sing as I make my way around The Compound. Suddenly, I stop in front of a metal door, pushing it open with my shoulder. It gives way with a groan, and I duck down, casting a quick glance behind my shoulder. No one is in sight, they all probably went to their pods.

Another hallway appears, this one barely lit compared to the previous ones. There were no lines of electricity either, just plain grey walls. I squint my eyes, trying to find the end of the hall. I take a couple steps forward, keeping my arms stretched out and against the walls. Suddenly, the door behind me shifts, and I hear someone on the outside. Not again..I try finding any hiding spot, but there's nothing. So the only thing I could do is run. Should I? Maybe facing the consequences of being caught is better than getting lost here. Wait, no it isn't. Ok. I'll run.

I break into a silent sprint just as the door slightly opens, and I reach the end of the hall. I pull on the door, opening it just a crack and slipping through. I gasp as the biting wind suddenly whips against me. The cold surrounds me, and snowflakes cover me within seconds. The jacket I'm wearing provides no warmth, its thin layer allowing me to feel everything. I still stand facing the door, afraid to turn around and see whatever it is behind me.

Am I really outside The Compound? The Compound? No security? No cameras or locked doors? I take a couple steps back, feeling the hard ice underneath my shoes. My ears start to hurt, and I fold my arms over my chest. Whoever is in the hallway will probably show up in a couple seconds. Oh god. What if I'm locked out?

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