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Happy that I've been updating more!! I'm going to Europe for two weeks, (I'm in NC) and I'll probably be writing the whole way to Paris. Anyways, enjoy!!

Ray's POV

Oh, shit.

"Viper? Ray? What are you two doing here so late?" Ethan furrows his brows, looking back and forth between the two of us.

Viper gives a guilty smile, lifting the sandwiches that I had given her.

"We were hungry. Sorry." She gives another smile, which makes Ethan chuckle and shake his head.

I stare at Grayson, who stares right back at me. At the mention of hungry, he lifts a brow.

"Why haven't I been seeing the two of you with the rest of the soldiers when they come to eat?" He asks. We both shrug in response. Maybe because we aren't hungry?

"Try eating at a more normal time. You guys can go." Ethan says, winking at Viper who only blushes in return. I roll my eyes while Grayson looks the other way.

"Thanks!" Viper says, brushing past the both of them. I start to follow, tucking my hair behind my ear as I pass. Well, almost pass.

"Wait. Ray, stay here. Viper, you go ahead and go back to your pod." Grayson speaks, his voice steely and hard. Wonder why he's all moody when not even an hour ago he was talking up a storm with me.

"Um, ok. See you." Viper gives me a glance, widening her eyes a bit before turning and leaving.

Grayson turns back to Ethan, leaning his head in to talk to him. They exchange words too low for me to hear, but Ethan nods, giving me a small smile as he walks past me. Oh no. Not again. Another talk?

I look over at him, and catch him staring at me. And, horrifyingly, I watch as his eyes lower, raking my body before he looks up. This boy did not just check me out. Did not. He simply stands there, staring at me. I shuffle on my feet, growing more and more fidgety with each passing second. Finally I give up, talking first.

"Are you going to say anything or just stare at me?" I ask, huffing.

Grayson smirks, one corner of his mouth lifting. What's so funny? Seeing me get frustrated?

"Well? I'm hungry and I want to go back to my pod." I say, raising my brows.

He slowly walks towards me, and I step back, but he continues to walk forward until I'm backed up against the wall. A small flicker of fear starts up inside me, flashbacks of when he slapped me starting to take over.

"Stop." I say, making my voice grow hard. I put up a hand against his chest, but he leans his head in.

"Why do you want me to stop? I thought we were done with problems." He asks, looking at my right eye and then my left. His gaze dropped down to my lips for a millisecond before snapping back up.

"Done with problems? Sure. But I don't trust you. My trust is something that you shouldn't take advantage of." I say, trying to shove him back. Sadly, he doesn't budge.

"Leave me alone, Grayson. You shouldn't be doing this." I say, and just as I'm about to slip away through the side, he stops me. I jump a bit as he slams his hands against the wall, my head trapped between.

His breathing becomes more ragged and I can almost feel his quiet trembles of rage. Is he mad that I'm rejecting him?

"Remember who the leader is here. You do as I say, and anything you say, I can choose to ignore. I'm choosing to ignore everything you just said. You, on the other hand, have to agree to what I say or do." I stand up straight, my own anger starting to course through me.

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