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Sorry this one is so freakin short I'm at some random old ppl party and I have to pass out bingo chips..
Ray's POV

"Wow. Seems like a dick move." Viper says sitting on her bed, staring at me as I pace in front of her again.

I just told her about everything that had happened between me and Grayson, waking her up violently after rushing inside the pod. It took everything in me not to scream in frustration and anger.

"I just don't know why he would stay that I mean..he didn't want me to talk to him and suddenly he's saying for me to kiss him? Especially when I met him only today!" I groan, dragging my hands down my face as I stop pacing and lay down, sprawled on the ground.

I immediately started to hit the wall and act like a maniac after the doors closed behind me when I left the glass/plant room. Something wasn't right, and I don't know if it's the fact that Grayson had slightly turned me on or that I started to hate him less and less, even after all that. It's like I'm losing the will to even stay mad at him for longer than thirty minutes.

"What should I do, Viper?" I ask her, lifting my head up to look at her.

She sat there, her head resting on her palm while she watched me.

"You should relax, have some fun. Tomorrow after training I heard there's going to be some sort of party. There'll be alcohol, maybe even a couple of hot guys." She suggests, raising an eyebrow and grinning.

I roll my eyes at her. Viper was always up to date on every hot guy that's ever lived within a mile radius of her. She's one of those girls that's popular without even trying. I, on the other hand, was a total weirdo. Parties seemed irrelevant and stupid to me anyways, what's the use when all you do is get drunk, end up doing something you regret, or sleeping with someone whose name you don't even know?

"You know how I feel about parties and alcohol. I like to be aware of my surroundings, thank you very much." I say matter of factly.

With a loud sigh, Viper stands, and she pulls me up to stand and face her. She places her hands on my shoulders, slightly shaking me.

"R, just do it at least once, for me?" She begs, trying to look all sad.

Oh, what the hell. I do have a lot on my mind and I could try having some fun. Even though I'm a social reject to basically the entire population of soldiers here.

"Fine, but no alcohol." I warn her, going over to the closet to change into some pajamas.

"Yes!" Viper shouts, fist pumping the air.

I laugh, and climb up to my bed and lay down underneath the covers. I really hope I'm making good choices by doing this.

"Goodnight." I say to Viper, but I hear her snoring already.

I turn to face the wall, and my eyes close as I think about random things, my final thought before falling asleep being Grayson's lips against my ear, telling me to kiss him.

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