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Note: I'm pretty sure you're confused as to what "Jets" and "Scars" are. Basically, there are two types of soldiers. Jets are the ones who fight with aircraft. Scars are the ones who use weaponry and fists. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks :)
Grayson's POV (ooh)

"Sir, your helicopter is here."


"The Void, sir."

I look up from the maps on the table, a guard standing before me.

"I'll be right there." I murmur.

"Uh, I'm sorry sir but the pilot says that he's running on a tight schedule.." The guard stammers, shifting his feet.

I sigh, and straighten myself up. I roll up the papers and put them in the cabinet next to me before moving around the desk and to the exit.

"Who will we be picking up?" I ask as I walk through the halls and to the helicopter pod.

"About 100 overall, 50 Jets and 50 Scars. They have proven to be the best." The guard says.

We approach the copter and he opens the door. I duck my head and grab the headgear before sitting on a leather seat. The window beside me reveals the frozen landscape.

"Good luck sir." Was the last thing the guard said before closing it.

The copter took off, and after a few moments we were steadily heading towards our destination.

"Well hello there little brother." My older brother, Ethan says as he appears through the control room.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, annoyed. This fool always tries getting some advantage over me because I'm younger.

"I'm going with you, don't forget I'm a general as well." He chuckles sitting next to me and putting on his seat belt.

"Don't do anything stupid, like blowing the whole place up." I mutter. The last time we went to pick up people, Ethan blew up the cafeteria with his stupid bombs.

"Hey now, that was an accident." He says putting his hands up in front of him.

I shake my head and look out the window again. About 30 minutes pass by before I spot the outline of some mountains in the far distance.

"Approaching destination: Sentinel Range." The voice of our pilot is heard through the door.

Sentinel Range? That would be the highest mountain here in the Arctic..why would Trent and his men put their Compound in such a stupid place? I roll my eyes and unbuckle my seat belt as the helicopter lands. Of course. Typical Trent. Two guards run up and open the door as Ethan and I exit.

"General Grayson and General Ethan, delighted to meet you." Trent approaches us, hands clasped behind his back.

"You too, Trent. Are all the soldiers ready to leave?" Ethan asks.

Trent hunched his eyebrows, his face set into a frown. "Well..no." He says. What?

What does this man expect us to do? We're only eighteen, yet more organized than a thirty-two year old?

"Then what are you waiting for?" I snap.

"You, actually. None of the people know about this, so we're holding a meeting in the gathering room."

I sigh as Ethan shakes his head. "Then let's go." I growl and push past him and his men.

Someone needs to teach him how to run a compound, about right now. I climb down the flight of stairs, into a big room full of people walking to and from the control room and some other halls.

"Take it easy, no need to get all cranky." Ethan chuckles.

"I'm not in the best mood for mistakes right now, clearly." I tighten my hands into fists, my black jacket making me feel constricted.

"Just over here," Trent says and leads us into another room with long rows of tables and chairs.

I stand at the balcony which was facing the rest of the room.

A distant intercom could be heard. "All soldiers meet at the gathering room for a meeting. I repeat, all soldiers meet at the gathering room for a meeting." It cackles.

I sense another person standing beside me, and then another one on the other side. Two of Trent's guards stand there, guns in hand with blank expressions.

"So the old man doesn't trust me, huh." I mumble under my breath.

Soon there are people coming into the room from below, talking and shouting to others.

"I'll speak first, if that's alright with you." Trent says from behind.

"Of course, if you get your guards to stop puppy guarding me." I raise an eyebrow at him.

He nods and the two take steps backward, into the line of other guards at the back. He steps up next to me, clearing his throat.

"Silence, please!" His voice booms. The place becomes silent with the occasional whisper, and he began.

"Thank you. I have scheduled a meeting today because we have two special people here with us. General Grayson-" I nod my head. "-And General Ethan." Ethan, well, he just waves like the serious person he is.

"We also have some big news, which may affect some of you. Among you, we have picked 100 of the best soldiers. 50 Scars and 50 Jets. You will be sent to a new compound, and from there you will train to fight for our wars to come. Don't worry, your family has been notified, and there will be communication there from you to your loved ones. Guards will come to your room to tell you if you have been picked. When they do tell you, immediately pack your belongings and head towards the helicopter pads. Thank you."

After he spoke, there was dead silence.

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