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Ray's POV

"R, wake up!" My eyes crack open as my shoulder moved back and forth from Viper's constant shaking.

I groan, my head pounding. I roll over to see her standing in her training uniform.

My heart jumps.

"What time is it?" I ask, sitting up.

Viper rolls her eyes and throws a bundle of clothes at me. "It's already 0900 hours."

Immediately I jump up, rushing to the bathroom while cursing under my breath. How was I knocked out for almost the whole day?

As I run a comb through my hair and pull it up into a pony tail, I hear Viper outside.

"I found you asleep yesterday so I decided to not bother you. But then you kept sleeping, so I got a little worried and tried waking you up. You sort of did..but I think you were half conscious." She explains.

I close my eyes, the sharp pain in my head growing worse as she spoke. It's not that her voice was annoying or anything, it's just that she's really loud.

"I had a rough morning." Was all I could manage to say as the painful memories of yesterday's events are brought back to mind.

"I can tell. You look like a raccoon! Now hurry up because we only have around fifteen minutes until training begins." She reminds me and I brush my teeth even faster.

After pulling on my uniform I head out with Viper, who raises an eyebrow at my state. I look dead.

"You sure you're okay?" Viper breaks the silence as we walk through the halls. I nod, staring ahead.

Viper gives me one last look before staring ahead as well. Thank god, I don't want anymore questions. We enter through a door inside a room, with about ten others inside. They were already training, and I see some Jets walking past us to head to their area.

"I have something exciting to tell you," Viper whispers into my ear as we approach the center.

I give her a confused look but she just shakes her head, as if telling me "not now."

"Alright everyone listen up! I will be assigning you partners to train with today. You will be practicing your defense moves." A trainer tells us.

I look to my right at Viper, making a face. I don't like having assigned partners.

"Here are the partners for today." He begins, taking out some device and tapping on it. Soon the back wall of the training room lit up with a screen full of names.

1. Dominic and Elena.

2. Luke and Talia.

3. Ray and Jia Hao.

I look around, trying to guess which one of these Scars my partner is. My eyes scan each face, before falling on one whose own were looking at me. He was Asian, with black hair and a lanky body. I look back at the screen, reading the rest of the names.

4. Gelila and Savion.

5. Viper and Tristan.

6. Gautham and Larissa.

"Go to an empty section and start training." The trainer demands, before heading over to some Scars to help them out.

I make my way to Jia Hao, nodding hello. We both head to a section numbered 10, and start to get ready.

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