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I'm so proud of myself, I've been updating more! Yay for me :) Enjoy!
Ray's POV

I always thought Trent was like a father to me, but after the way Grayson spoke about him last night..it makes me feel like I can't trust him. And I really can't, because he never told be he had a fucking daughter. A daughter. And she was young too, so when did that happen?

Grayson has been changing me, a little too much. First, I can't do anything without thinking how he would do it. And second, he's already changed my mindset on Trent. Hell, I used to think the Compound guards were legit kings. But now..they seem like dumb puppies who just follow every order Grayson gives.

Beside me, Grayson sleeps, his eyes closed and lips parted. His arm is slung over the pillow he's sleeping on, clutching it tightly with his stomach facedown. He looks so vulnerable, as if inside of his cold, hard, posture, there is an eighteen year old who just wants to step down from all the responsibility he holds.

"Hi." I hear, and I look up to see Rose, hair tangled in a mess on the bed. I smile, hoping I don't look like a monster since I just woke up.

"Hey Rose. Sleep well?" I ask softly, not wanting to wake Grayson up.

I stand up, stretching my arms over my head as Rose nods. She hops off the bed, pushing her hair away from her eyes. I chuckle, seeing a brush on the desk and taking it. I motion her to come, and she runs over.

"Let me fix your hair. It's so tangled. Grayson must suck at taking care of you, since he's a boy. Right?" I laugh. Rose giggles and nods, sitting down with me on my makeshift bed. Beside me, Grayson gives out a little snore, as the two of us try and contain our laughs.

"Because he's a boy and boys don't have long hair." Rose says, poking at Grayson's cheek.

"What.." He opens his eyes, immediately squinting from the light coming in from outside.

"Wake up!" Rose shouts, causing him to wince and groan.

"What time is it?" He asks.

I look around for some sort of clock to tell me the time, finding one on the wall to my left.

"It's 08:13 hours." I respond, brushing Rose's hair as she sings some children's song.

His eyes flicker from Rose to me, eyebrows lowering in a moment of confusion before remembering. Grayson pushes himself off from the ground, sitting up. The blanket he had slips off, revealing his bare chest. He must have taken his shirt off sometime last night.

My breath hitches, and I struggle to force my eyes up to where I was brushing and styling Rose's hair. His abs were so chiseled and defined, and I could see the prominent v line he had. I stare at Rose's hair, but I could still feel his gaze on me, and I self consciously look to see what I had on. It was the same black shirt and white sweats he gave me. I look to see that he was looking away.

"There. Now your hair is pretty." I speak, putting the brush on the desk again before standing up. Grayson stands as well, his muscles flexing as he moved. His skin was pale, yet more tan than the other boys here. Which is surprising, because we are in the Arctic.

"I'm going to go get some things. Stay here, I mean it." Grayson says, warning me. His morning voice was deep and growly, like a wolf.

"Okay." I say. I don't think it's a good idea to ask many questions. Last time I did, he got annoyed, fast.

He leaves quickly, slipping on a white shirt in the process.

"I have an idea!" Rose exclaims, taking my hand and shaking it.

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