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Ray's POV

The music was blasting even louder as I danced, my dance moves being jerky and weird because of the minimum of space I had. Everywhere I looked there was either a drunk person dancing or a cup being thrown around, alcohol spilling out of it. How the hell do these people get away with parties like this?

I look around and see Xion who had drifted away from me  so I make my way over to him. Finally, after being jabbed and poked in the face and ribs from dancing drunks, I reach him.

"Xion!" I say, trying to get his attention. He was busy doing some weird arm dance move with another guy, whose electric blue hair hurt my eyes because of its brightness.

I groan and try again, this time tugging on his arm a little more forcefully than I had thought I would. His drink-that somehow got into his hand-fell to the ground and he looked at me, confused.

"It's getting hot in here, I'm going to get some fresh air. Do you want to come?" I basically scream at him. It seemed like every time I tried to speak the music's volume would go up 10x more.

He seems to think about my question, but then the same blue haired boy came and grabbed his arm, pulling him.

"Dude come on, Luke found some straight vodka for us to take!" He shouts. Luke? He was here? The last time I spoke to him was when we were training, and that was before I came here.

"Did you just say Luke? As in Luke Hemmings, the blonde haired boy with blue eyes?" I yell at the boy. He briefly looked at me before nodding and turning around, bringing Xion with him.

Moments later I'm alone, so I turn and weave my way through the mass of bodies until I find the bar again. I sit down on the stool, exhausted from all the dancing. Looking around, I see a couple sucking faces. I wrinkle my nose in disgust at them, but soon my eyes widen when I see that it's Viper and the same guy she was flirting with.

And what shocked me even more was, the guy she was making out with was Ethan. I choke on my spit, nearly falling off my stool. It's like seeing a teacher and a student make out, but not exactly teacher and student. Even if Ethan was hinting at his attraction towards Viper he was still a man of authority, making this seem even more surprising. He must be drunk, otherwise I don't think he would be doing this in public. I near the two, trying to block out the hideous kissing noises.

"Um, Viper? Ethan? What the fuck?" I ask, and they break apart, lips swollen and hair messy.

"Oh god, Ray! Um..I.." Viper stammers, looking at Ethan for help. He blushes, looking at me embarrassingly before looking away.

"You...what? Sucking faces with Ethan I see." I joke, raising an eyebrow as she makes a horrified face at the mention of "sucking faces"

"It really was that." Ethan speaks up, laughing. Viper rolls her eyes at him, smacking his arm.

"Well then, is it just you here?" I ask him intrigued. Grayson could be here..I shake my head, clearing the thought and the tiny sliver of hope that I had. Why should I care about him being here?

"Yep." My shoulders slump a little. I shouldn't be acting this way, of course someone like him wouldn't be at a party like this.

"Well okay then. I'll see you later, maybe. If you don't come back to the pod tonight
Viper just remember to use protection!" I say laughing. Vipers cheeks turn red, and Ethan starts laughing as well while nudging her.

I turn around and start heading towards the exit that lead to the pods. My hand grazes the doorknob just as I hear a crash, and then a scream.

Jerking my hand back, I turn around and look to see where the noise came from. At the makeshift dance floor I see a ring of people, so I begin to fast walk over there, soon breaking out into a run when there's another scream.

"What the hell is going on?" I say confused as I approach the group. But as soon as the words leave me, I gasp. My hand comes flying up to cover my mouth, and my eyes widen in complete horror.

In front of me lay the same blue haired boy from before, but now he was bruised and bloody, his body on the ground. No, he wasn't unconscious. He groaned, trying to sit up. But that isn't what shocked me. Across from the boy, bloodied and bruised just as much as him, stood an angry Grayson and a little red haired girl cowering behind him.

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