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Ethan's POV

"Holy shit, how did you do that?"

I stand inside a target practice room, knives scattered across the floor in front of me. Beside me, Viper is throwing knives at the targets. Her most recent one was stuck right in the center dot of the target, still vibrating from the impact of the throw.

Viper grins, her blonde hair pulled up into a messy bun and her dark blue eyes wide. She walks over to the target, yanking the knife out. Walking back to me, she hands me the knife, standing beside me and nudging me.

"Your turn." I hear her say. I look at her, raising an eyebrow. I can hear the smugness in her voice, as if she was better than me.

Viper Rinehart, better than me, Ethan Dolan? Ethan Grant Dolan? No, not possible. But it is hot, how she can throw knives that well. In fact, everything she does is hot. Or cute..I shake my head, grinning as I grip the knife firmly.

"Is that a challenge I hear?" I ask her, crossing my arms over my chest. She bites her lip, mimicking me by crossing her arms over her chest as well.

Viper tilts her head, a smirk evident. Oh, this will be fun. I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up in a hot make out wi-holy shit, I need to chill out. It's like I'm going back to 15 year old hormonal Ethan. Although I was still pretty hot back then, not to sound cocky.

"Well, is it?" I say, taking a step forward to show I wasn't afraid. And partly because I want to be closer.

"Yes, it is a challenge. Although we both know who's going to win." She unfolds her arms and places them on her hips, leaning on one foot.

"Okay then. Challenge accepted." I turn to face the target, cocking my arm back with the knife. I lean back, and swing my arm forward, letting go of the knife.

It sails through the air, and straight into the target. I win.

"Yes! See that? I win." I fist pump the air, a huge grin on my face.

But Viper just stood, trying not to laugh. What's so funny..I won, so why is she laughing? I put my arms down, confusion most probably taking over my face.

"What?" I ask, tilting my head. She just shakes her head, sighing.

"Take a closer look, loser." I turn to face the target, and my eyes widen.

The knife was in the second ring. Goddammit.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" I shout, my excitement from before long gone.

By now Viper was full on laughing, her eyes shut tight.

"That's so unfair." I say, pouting. I wasn't even that ready, while she had tons of practice.

"Actually, that's just your denial talking." She chuckles.

"Whatever." I groan, rolling my eyes.

"Hey now, what do I get? I mean, I did win." She laughs again at the win part.

Oh, she wants a reward? I'll give her one. I smirk, ideas already forming in my mind.

"You want something, huh?" I say, setting my voice an octave deeper. Immediately, she stands straight, eyes wide. Looks like she got the memo.

"Um..I-I mean," she stutters, starting to squirm underneath my gaze.

I walk towards her, my chest brushing against hers. Before she could move, my hands grip her waist. I bring my lips down to her ear, lowly whispering.

"I'll give you a reward, baby." I bite her earlobe softly, before letting go and trailing my lips down her neck.

"E-Ethan" she gasps, bringing her hands to my hair and chest.

The sound of her voice makes me even more riled up. I use my nose and nudge her head, making her crane it farther to the right for me. Suddenly, I attach my lips to her neck, harshly sucking on a spot. Pulling away, I see a hickey forming. I move up, leaving wet open-mouthed kisses until I reach her lips.

Panting, I brush my lips against hers.

"Did you like your reward?" I say, and she nods, blinking rapidly.

I smirk, pulling away. "Good."

And with that, I walk away, leaving her in a mess. Or should I say, a wet mess.

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