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A/N: I use China in this chapter as the enemy and I know it seems like I am against it but I'm not. because it's a big and important country I'm using it for the story. Do not take this as an offense, and no hate pls. Thanks and enjoy!
Grayson's POV

"Then kiss me."

I think within a second I said that I was immediately shoved away and then brutally slapped. Within a second.

"I don't fucking care what's wrong with you, but you better not start shit like this with me you..yo-just stay away from me!" Ray shouted, flustered.

She must think I've gone mental. I think so too. I didn't even think about what I was going to say, all that mattered to me was how full and soft those lips looked. As cold and mean I may seem, one girl can smash down any common sense I have? Tough.

"Grayson? Grayson!" I blink and look at her, my breathing short and heavy for no damn reason.

She stood there, eyes wide and hands splayed out in an exasperated way. I hate this. I hate everything that's happening right now. I hate her. No, fuck, I don't hate her. I don't hate her at all. All this chaos happening in only a single day made me angry, as well as the fact that I made her think I'm some manwhore who can't keep it in his pants.

"We will never, speak of this." I say, my tone going cold and harder than I had expected.

She scoffed, walking up to me. She put a hand on my chest, leaning in. I clench my jaw, trying to stop my heart from beating faster underneath her touch. I could feel the warmth of her hand, firmly pressed against me and searing through the thin material of cloth that was my shirt.

"Good, because we aren't talking to each other either, ever." She hissed, or what seemed to be some sort of hiss, at me.

And with that, she walked away, shoving the doors open and letting them slam behind her. I stood like a complete fool, in the middle of the room. I wanted to go get my mind off things, do something, but I couldn't move.

"What in the hell lead up to this?" I ask myself aloud. Because this is certainly not what I was expecting when I went to pick up 100 soldiers.

I turn around finally, walking to the exit and over to my pod, which was connected to the front of the headquarters. Inside, I look around. I had few belongings, mostly a BC-41 dagger on the wooden desk next to my bed with some papers and a cup of water. I walk over to my closet and take off my clothes, leaving me shirtless and in grey briefs. I walk to the bathroom, and brush my teeth.

"Maybe a haircut wouldn't hurt." I say to myself, staring at my reflection. I frown, seeing the under eye bags.

Panic stars to rise in me as I check the clock on the far right side wall. Has ten minutes already passed? I've been staring at my reflection too long. This always happens, I start to blame myself for everything that's happened when I look at myself.

"No, no.." I mutter, but it's too late. The voices in my head start to take place.

They are all dead because of you, Grayson. Look at what you've done! How are you still alive with this guilt? How dare you, everyone who lost their loved ones can't trust you. You're horrible, you killed innocent people. This is all your fault, everything is Grayson. Everything.

"No, no!" I shout, and I cock back my fist and punch the mirror, glass shattering and cutting my knuckles, the pieces falling to the floor.

I back up against the wall behind me, gripping my wrist with my other hand. I bend over in pain, gasping for breath as I feel the air being practically squeezed out of my lungs. A few moments pass full of heavy breathing before I walk towards the sink again.

I lower my hands on the edge, head hung down. I could hear my heart beating, its loud rhythmic pulse in my ears. I look at my right hand again, bruised, cut up, and bleeding. I turn the faucet on, and wince when I put my hand underneath the cold water. Immediately the water turns pink from the blood, and then turned clear again when the cuts were cleaned. I exit the bathroom, not bothering to clean up the mess of shattered glass behind me.

"I can't do this, I can't let my control slip like that.." I say and walk to my bedside desk. I open a drawer, finding some gauze and medical bandages.

I wrap the gauze and bandages over my knuckles, securing it tightly before I sat there, silently staring at the wall. Sighing, I shove my hands into my hair, tugging at the strands. Fatigue struck me, and I felt completely exhausted. I was ready to go to bed but realize something. The maps in my office..I wasn't done looking at them and they were urgent.

"Fucking responsibilities." I say, putting on a white t-shirt and some black jeans.

I quickly lace up my boots, hurrying through the door and across the headquarters. I scan my hand once I reached the door, and inside I sit down at the desk, going over to the cabinet beside me. I open up the bottom drawer, pulling out the maps again. After unrolling and flattening it out against the desk, I go over it.

"What the hell.." I breathe, my mouth turning downwards.

The map was covered with "X"'s and circled in different areas, with battle strategies scribbled next to it in sloppy cursive. My handwriting wasn't the best, which is actually a problem because I could mess anything up with misinterpretations.

Within about 7 months, we will be having one of our most important wars. 5 years ago countries went into anarchy from lack of resources, our Earth slowly dying. Now it's my duty to bring it back while NASA searches for another inhabitable planet. Of course, there are others like Trent trying to help, but I don't feel too strongly about him.

"Why are we fighting against China?" I ask to nobody, seeing that it was heavily circled with a battle strategy next to it and "7 months to prepare" written on a sticky note and stuck to the country's picture.

I hurry over to a shelf, and after shuffling through papers and files I find China's file. Inside, I see history records, population graphs, and resource charts. The paper crackles underneath my grip, old and worn. Finally at the back I find a paper. in big red letters.


I stuff the paper away angrily. The last thing we need is a war. Somehow I'll have to have a meeting with the new leader of China, Xeng. I take the maps with me as I walk out, the headquarters dark and silent. I'm about to reach out and scan my hand when I hear something. I look to the right, and quickly stuff the maps into my pocket. I reach behind me, and tucked behind the waistband of my jeans I feel my LHR combat knife. I grab it, and the feeling is strange because I usually use my BC-41. I keep it in front of me, my body crouched as I turn a corner in the hall. I hear it again, some sort of footsteps. There was a familiar sound to it, the thumping only belonging to the footsteps of a person.

"Come out, idiot" I whisper, following it through a door and into a training room.

Again I hear it, and suddenly it's to my left. I turn and immediately point my knife at whoever it was, my other injured hand formed into a painful fist. I near the person until I hear his or her back hit the wall.

"Who are you?" I say, my eyes adjusting to the dark. But when I do, I pull my knife back in surprise.

In front of me stood a girl, about 6 or 7 years old with tangled red hair and blue eyes.


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