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Grayson's POV


The little girl looked at me fearfully, her small body pressed against the stone wall. I sigh, putting my knife away.

"Rose, calm down its me, Grayson." I say. I don't know how to make her not afraid of me, I actually don't know anything about kids. Rose was the daughter of Trent. How did she get here? She was supposed to be wherever she lived with Trent.

"T-Trent made me bring this.." She stutters, her arm outstretched with a piece of folded paper.

I took it, quickly putting it in my pocket. I look over to see Rose started to edge away from me. So I quickly block her again. I can't let her leave alone like this, Trent would probably kill me. I sigh, momentarily closing my eyes. I know where this is going. I open my eyes to see her still trembling.

"Let's go, you're staying in my pod until tomorrow morning. I'll tell your father to come pick you up. Follow me and don't make a sound." I warn her, before grabbing her wrist and pulling her behind me through the doors. Once we reached the hallway, Rosa started to protest against me. This girl doesn't know when to stop, does she? I whip around, anger sparking in me.

"What?" I ask, narrowing my eyes as she looked up at me. I cross my arms over my chest, frowning. I'm not good with kids, especially ones that are annoying and weak.

"Open it." she says, still staring at me.

What? The paper?

"Why? What does it have to do with you?" I ask. This girl can't get any more annoying, can she?

"Open. It.!" She says a little louder, lifting up a foot to stomp down.

I lunge at her, and a small shriek erupts from her before its cut off from my hand clamping over her mouth. I pull her towards me and lift her up, carrying her quickly to my pod. I scan my hand (which was quite hard to do with a kicking and punching Rose) and rush inside, dropping her on my bed.

"I'm not opening the paper. Go to sleep." I say, sharply cutting her off from saying anything.

She makes a disappointed face before laying down, crawling underneath the covers. I shake my head and take a blanket and some pillows, setting up a sleeping place for myself on the floor. I make sure to have my knife near me just in case.

"You should have opened it." I hear after almost 20 minutes of silence.

I look over at Rose from beneath to see her peeking at me, her head resting on her hands. I shift, leaning up on an elbow as I look at her.

"Well I didn't. Now go to sleep." I say even more sternly, laying back down and turning around so my back faced her. I hear a sigh and the blankets shift from above.

"Goodnight" I hear a soft murmur. I don't bother to reply, pretending that I'm already asleep.

"I know you're awake, goodnight" Again she says. I give a short groan, rolling on my back.

"Okay, right back at you, now sleep and be quiet." I say, staring up at my ceiling.

Trent better come soon tomorrow morning because I think I'm going to kill someone if this girl keeps acting like this.

I lay awake, staring into the darkness for what seemed like hours, the only noise heard being Rose's soft snores. I sit up, and feel around in my pockets of the jeans that I was still wearing. I feel paper, and I pull out the note. I stand up, rolling my head in a circle to get the kinks out of my neck. I look over at Rose, her red hair sprawled across the pillow.

"Why would Trent send his own daughter here without telling me, even if the note was for me..?" I whisper to myself.

I turn around when I hear the bed creak, and I see Rose sitting up looking at me. What the actual hell, does this girl sleep?

"That's the thing, it's not for you" Rose says to me, pointing at the note.

I look down, and when I turn it over I see that it's for..Andrea? What does Trent have to do with her? I look up again and see Rose walking over to me. She looks around nervously before beckoning me to bend down. I lower my head, and she cups her mouth to my ear.

"He told me to give it to Andrea, but I read it and I gave it to you." She whispers and takes a step back again.

"You realize this is betraying your dad?" I say to her.

She nods, looking down. She speaks again, this time her voice more certain.

"He isn't my dad, I know he's bad and I want to betray him." I lift an eyebrow, slightly amused.

It's not the first time I saw someone betray their family. I mean, me and Ethan left our family secretly to join this place. I hated my life back then, and all I had was Ethan.

"Are you going to go back to Trent?" I ask her, obviously knowing the answer.

She stared at me, face hard with determination and hands clasped behind her back.

"No. And I know you won't tell him." She says, raising both her eyebrows.

I huff. It won't be easy to have a little girl running around here secretly while her father searches for her relentlessly. But I can make it work, I always can. Yes, I said "searches", because I have a plan.

"I think Trent will be sad when he finds out that Rose is "dead"" I say, and her face lights up with glee.

"So I'm staying here forever? With you? Are you gonna be my new dad?" She asks me. And suddenly, she tried to grab my hand.

I give a slight gasp and yank my hand away, backing up. I hate how people try to touch or give some sort of affection to me, it's like I'm a kicked puppy.

"Um, maybe, not with me, and no." I say, making the "no" clear. She frowns, but shrugs.

"Now you..go sleep.." I say, frowning. She rolls her eyes, going back to my bed.

I put the note back in my pocket and then take out the maps, putting them on my desk before laying back down, resting my head on my arm. I close my eyes, different questions and thoughts buzzing in my head about Trent, Andrea, and the note. The thoughts drift off, and I fall asleep with an image of a black haired girl with green eyes named Ray.

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