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SORRY I TOOK SO LONG!! I'm in Florida right now for the weekend and I'm going back home tomorrow by plane so I wanted to update this as fast as I can before school starts again. Enjoy!!
Grayson's POV

"Did you really want to kiss me, that first night?"

Her eyes were wide with curiosity, lips parted and hair ruffled. I shouldn't have let her ask me any questions, this one hit me like a fucking train. Out of all questions, she chose to ask me this? How am I supposed to answer? Oh, you know, I'm a horny guy and stuff. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to block out everything.

"Grayson?" I hear her say quietly. I open my eyes and see her head leaning over to see my reaction. I straighten my posture, only to slump back in defeat.

I might as well answer since I'm the  one who said I would to any of her questions. I take a deep breath, trying to shake away the nerves. I look at Ray, her green eyes red-rimmed from lack of sleep.

"Yes." I whisper, my throat going dry. Never had I expected to become like this in front of anyone, a nervous mess. I hear her small gasp, and I close my eyes in preparation for what she's about to say.

What I'm most confused about is why I'm feeling nervous. I shouldn't be nervous. She should. She should be nervous about me shooting her little puppy dog crush down. And that's what I'm supposed to do, because face it. No one, not even I, can believe the possibility of falling for someone. Besides, as cliché as it sounds, I don't need anyone. If I didn't need anyone for about 12 years, I certainly do not need some girl.

I watch her play with my shirt that she was wearing, contemplating on who knows what. Did I say the right thing? Or did I say something that will make her go off and tell her friends? Oh god. Oh god. I didn't even think about that before I blurted out yes! For all I know she could tell her friend Violet or whatever and then what will happen? Everyone's going to look at me like some teacher who's hitting on a student, even if we are only one year apart. It won't be so bad, Ethan did it. My subconscious tells me. It's true, I know he's been in past relationships with girls, hell, he's even tried going for a guy but that didn't work out for him since he's not gay.

My mind is reeled back to reality as I see her looking up, and, oh so seductively pulling her bottom lip in between her teeth. Wait, no, don't say that. I blink rapidly and mentally punch myself.

"I have my next question." She says slowly, her face showing an unreadable expression. 

"Okay, more like demand." Ray tilts her head, as if she were still deciding.

I nod, signaling for her to speak. I was anxious, my heart basically having a hundred palpitations at once.

"Tell me everything, about Rose and why you punched that guy back at the party." She cringes at the word party, as if it were bringing back bad memories.

At the mention of the guy I fought at he party, I start to grow angry again. My breathing picks up pace, and I curl my hands into fists. Ray must have noticed, because she reaches out and lightly touches my right fist. I almost bring my hand away, but I remain still. Her touch sent a slow icy burn crawling underneath my skin, and I suck in a breath. She wants me to tell her everything. How am I supposed to do that? What if she's close to Trent, and she tells him what's happening to his daughter that's been missing for almost two days now?

"Okay. First of all, Rose is Trent's daughter." I wait for her to say something, but she remains silent, only motioning for me to continue.

I recover from my small shock, and begin again. This time I speak with a little more confidence in my voice.

"So she came here about two days ago, to give a note. I caught her in the halls at night, and she was sent here by Trent. I thought the note was for me, but in fact it was for Andrea. I'm still trying to figure out everything. But anyways, Trent is probably searching for her right at this moment, although I have a plan to tell him that Rose left. So basically, if Rose "left", it means she's dead. Why? Because..it's the arctic. No one can survive if they get lost. Especially a little girl like her."

"Anyways, Rose ran away, and when I finally found her, she was amidst that party. And that stupid guy tried to give her a shot. A fucking shot." I finish. I didn't expect to tell her that much, but she was a good listener and I didn't have anyone to tell.

Sure, I can always talk to Ethan but he makes a joke out of everything..unlike Ray. She's serious at the right times. I see her raise her eyebrows and nod before shuffling back. Cold air rushed to my side as she backed away, her warmth leaving me. A small feeling of disappointment enters me, but it's gone when she speaks.

"We should go to bed. This is way too much for me to handle, especially when I'm tired as hell." She says, pulling the blanket up and over herself.

I watch her move under the cover until she was comfortable, before I myself lay down.

It was silent for about a few moments, but neither of us were asleep. I could hear her breathing, it was still fast. She must be thinking about Trent, and what I just told her. Should I say goodnight? Why, do you think you should say goodnight because she's you're little crush? I squint my eyes closed tightly, trying to make that annoying voice leave. It keeps nagging me, especially about Ray. And where the hell did I get crush from?

I hesitate a little, still deciding on what to do. Fuck it. It's just a simple goodnight.

"Goodnight..Ray." I say, adding her name at the end. It feels nice, saying her name.

I hear her turn around, eyes half closed.

"Goodnight Grayson." She mumbles, falling asleep.

I can't help but watch as her stomach rises and falls, her breaths even and slowed. I swallow, feeling hot, so I turn around and flip my blanket. I sigh in relief as the cool side meets my hot skin.

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