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This chapter is pretty long! I hadn't updated in such I long time so I had to make up for it :) enjoy.
Ray's POV

"Grayson?" I say, my voice barely audible.

He stood in the clearing, chest heaving and hands curled into tight fists. I could see droplets of crimson blood coming from his knuckles. His cheek was forming a slight purple bruise and his bottom lip was red with blood. The boy on the floor was taken away, and people were starting to wander off again. My gaze flickered down to the girl, whose tiny hands were clutching the hem of Grayson's jacket. Tears stained her cheeks, her bottom lip trembling. My tense position relaxed and I crouched down, ignoring Grayson and his frown.

"Hey," I softly say, reaching out a hand to the red haired girl. She peeked at me, shuffling towards me to see me clearly.

Immediately my heart softened for the girl. Why was Grayson, out of all people, with her? And why was she here? I felt an uneasy feeling, thoughts starting to form in my head. He didn't kidnap her..? My eyes widen and I shake the thought away. He would never do that. He's not that mean.

"It's alright, come here." I murmur, opening my arms a bit. The only thing I could do for the girl was to comfort her, something that Grayson for sure wouldn't.

She hesitated, but starting walking towards me. Grayson opened his mouth, ready to object but the girl was already in my arms, burying her face in my shoulder. I look up, and see Grayson walking towards me. I wrap my arms around the girl and stand, carrying her. He gives me an unreadable look, before pointing at the doors, motioning for me to follow. Of course, I didn't, instead I stand and shake my head.

Grayson looked at me, his intense gaze searing into me. His jaw clenches, and he walks towards me until he's a few centimeters away. I heard a soft snore, telling me the girl was asleep. I was looking down at her until I felt cold fingers wrap around my chin, jerking my head forwards. Grayson's brown eyes narrowed, before I heard a low growl.

"Follow me. Don't make me say it again." He says, fingers still on my chin. They were so cold, the hairs on the back of my neck raised. A slow burn spread throughout me, diminishing when he let go and turned around.

He walked towards the door again and I followed. I still can't believe he hurt that boy. What's wrong with this guy? And the little girl must be scared of him, who knows what he did when he found her. Did he even find her or was she here all along? I never heard about little kids running around in places like this.

Grayson held the door open for me and I marched past him, not bothering to say anything. I heard him huff behind me before passing me and leading me through some halls before emerging into the headquarters. I stare at his back, watching how his shoulders tense when he stops to open a door.

"Go inside." He tells me, and I walk into a room that had a bed and a makeshift one on the floor.

Another door that presumably led to the bathroom was on my left, while a closet was on my right. It looked like any normal room, except for the large knife I saw laying around. My instincts make me fully alert, the sight of a knife causing me to tense up. Grayson walked past me and into the door on my left, opening it. I was right, a bathroom appearing. Except, the ground was covered in glass and the mirror was broken. I swallow, shuffling over to lay the girl down on the bed.

"Goodnight." I say, removing a strand of the girls hair from her eyes.

I straighten and turn around to see Grayson watching me, arms crossed over his chest. I match his pose, a frown taking over my face. He continues to stare at me, not caring at the fact that I caught him doing so. Minutes later, I speak, tired of the silence.

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