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Ray's POV

The room was mute as we all gazed up at Trent.

"Bullshit.." I murmur to Viper who was standing next to me.

There was a few more seconds of silence. Until the shouts began.

"What the hell is this?!"

"You can't do that on such short notice!"

"I refuse to do such a thing!"

"Who has the nerve to do this?!"

Everyone around us was pointing and shouting. Some even had flushed faces, red from anger and shock. I stood still and quiet, observing the chairs around me. I look at the man next to Trent, dressed in black. He looked younger than most, yet something about him told me he held some type of authority. His arms were crossed over his chest, and I'm pretty sure he was angry, the way he was clenching his jaw and balling his hands into fists. His hair was swept up, a dark brown shade with a patch of lighter hair. He was looking at the crowd, scanning it until he caught my gaze. Usually girls would look away but I never felt embarrassment, so I kept on staring at him as he stared back. From afar I could see him hunch his eyebrows, before turning his gaze away to Trent.

He was handsome, that's for sure. But quite intimidating.

"Now now, everyone just cal-" Trent was cut off from his quiet attempts with even louder shouts from us.

I looked back at the man next to him, and I see him motioning towards a guard. The guard gave him his gun, before retreating.

"Did you see that man take the guards gun?! You think he's gonna shoot us?" Viper asks me, shocked.

I watch him turn the safety off, before setting his finger on the trigger. Then I realized what he was doing.

"He's not going to shoot someone, he's going to shoot something." I say. Smart guy.

Just as I had said, he pointed towards the back wall behind everyone. And with that, he shot three bullets into the wall, the gunshots echoing through the room. The crowd gasped, and stared at him. I saw the slightest hint of a smile, the ends of his lips tilting upwards. He turned and gave the gun back to the guard, before turning back around. He then started speaking.

"Now that everyone has shut up, I want you to follow my exact orders. You will go to your rooms silently, you will wait silently, and when a guard notifies you that you have been chosen, you will silently pack up and go to the helicopter pods. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" He shouts at the end, his voice booming.

I hear soft replies of "Yes" and "fine". I guessed right, he was a somebody.

"He's hot." Viper whispers to me. I roll my eyes and give her a look.

She ignores my look, walking beside me as we started to file out.

"His brother is hotter though.." She murmurs. I look behind me, and see the man standing next to another one that looked almost exactly like him. Twins, how comical.

We reached our pod, and after being scanned we rush in. Viper was sitting on her bed while I was in front of her, pacing the room. Why didn't Trent tell me about this? He would tell me his plans before actually doing it. If I'm chosen, something could happen to my chance at being a higher rank.

"Quit worrying, you know how well we are. If we're chosen we'll go together. Trent knows not to separate us. Remember last time?" Viper tries to assure me.

I nod my head, agreeing to her. Last time Trent tried to change my cabin mate, me and Viper snuck off into his office, wrecking almost everything. Luckily we were young and very dear to him, so he spared us.
A couple more minutes passed, during which we heard the occasional shouts. Once, we heard a boy outside screaming "No! Don't take her away from me, please!" before sobbing, and I looked at Viper uneasily.

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