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Hiii, sorry I haven't updated in such a long time (I'm a slacker) but here is chapter 8! Enjoy! Above is the picture of Ray's outfit. This one is pretty long, you're welcome lol
Ray's POV

"Viper Rinehart, I am literally going to kill you." I screech at a laughing Viper, who was watching me scramble around the pod.

It was about 21:30 hours and I was busy getting ready for the party, trying to find any clothes that would be good for the occasion. The night was going fine until Viper came along telling me the party was at 2230 hours instead of 2300. For some that would be considered late, but that time really was early for us. I only had an hour to get ready, and my lovely friend Viper decided to tell me at the last moment. How pleasant.

"Oh calm down, you just do your hair and makeup because I, being the most amazing person in the world, already picked out your outfit." Viper says as I sigh and drop my clothes, racing into the bathroom to try and search out hair and makeup necessities.

It was rare for you to have a iron or curler here, as well as makeup. But Viper somehow managed to convince Trent to get it for us. What can I say, we were his favorites.

"Oh shut up. Now, should I curl or straighten my hair? I can't decide and honestly I don't care what it looks like." I say while starting my makeup.

I put on eyeliner with some mascara, my lashes dark and thick. I learned how to do this from a girl I met at my old place, she was a former makeup artist who left to come here. I use the smokey eye method, except with red and black. I use some lipstick to match my eyes. Finishing off with some other makeup I don't know the name of, I turn around.

"I say you curl it, it will match your outfit." Viper says as she appears, leaning on the doorway.

I chuckle at her, shaking my head. Viper always prefers curls over straight hair, especially since it makes herself pretty.

"Mind showing me the outfit?" I ask her while turning around and starting to curl my hair with the curler.

"Oh yeah, sure." She says, rushing to the closet that I can see from the mirror in the bathroom.

This party better be good, because I don't usually dress up for others. Maybe I'll have a chance at meeting a guy, who knows. Or Grayson..Wait, what? Every time my mind drifts off it leads to him. His stare, his lips, jaw, all of him. I don't understand what makes me so intrigued by him, most probably it being the fact that he actually made me feel more vulnerable than any other person. That's what I hate about him, though. He makes me feel different, and I don't know if I like it or not.

"You're gonna love this, and so will that guy named Gray or something? I don't know, he's Ethans brother." I finish curling my hair and whip around, eyebrows furrowed.

"What makes you think he's going to love this, and that he'd be at the party? Hell, why do you think I care? I don't." I huff, unplugging the curler and putting away the items before pushing past a grinning Viper.

"Chill out, you seem pretty riled up from just one thing. I didn't ask if you cared, ha." Viper raises an eyebrow at me as I flip my middle finger at her.

"Shut up and show me the outfit." I mutter, crossing my arms over my chest. This girl always tries to irritate me, I swear.

Her eyes brighten and she walks over to her bed where my outfit was. She holds it up by the hanger, smiling gleefully. A red sweater with black skinny jeans and a black scarf was shown before me, Viper also holding up a pair of what seemed to be slipper like shoes? I'm impressed, it looked pretty good.

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