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Hey guys! I don't really have much to tell you today other than to (of course) enjoy!! (Idk why this photo of Grayson is one of my favorites, tbh all of them are my favorite)

Ray's POV

"Why am I not surprised to find you here?" I turn around, seeing Grayson shutting the door behind him and walking forward.

I internally give a groan. How many more times do I have to encounter this guy? I turn back around, not wanting to see or talk to him.
My breath fogs up the glass wall, blocking my view of the frozen landscape. I guess this place has become my go to for when I'm stressed out.  Although stressed out is an understatement.

Grayson stands beside me, thankfully keeping a fair amount of distance. He too stares outside, with the always present frown. Maybe I should go. I don't like being so near him. I let out a shaky breath, remembering that one hideous morning. I'm so fed up with even hearing his voice, how am I going to manage staying here? And don't get me started on the fact that he wants to ta-

"We need to talk. About..some things." Great. Amazing. How fucking wonderful.

I turn, keeping my eyes trained on my shoes. He turns as well, leaning against the cold glass.
The moon from outside is the only source of light, casting a dim glow inside of the room.

"We have nothing to talk about." I keep my voice barely audible, and I slowly try to inch away from him and to the door. Unfortunately, he blocks my way by standing up and getting in my path.

"Yes we do. And I'm not asking to talk. I'm demanding." His voice grows even more stern than it is, and I try, I try not to snap.

Woops. I snapped.

"And I'm demanding that there is nothing to talk about. Because there isn't. I'm not sure about what you didn't get from when I told you to never come near me or talk to me. I don't want to talk about anything with you. I'm just simply training, right? Just like everyone else. But I don't see you having to "talk" with everyone else. So why me?" I wave my hands around, giving him an exasperated look.

I can tell that he's also trying not to get angry, the way he's crossing his arms over his chest and gritting his teeth. He huffs, giving me a hard glare.

"I didn't get to apologize to you for my actions." He says lowly, almost ashamed? Good. He should be. Little shit.

"Why don't I make it easier for you? Apology not accepted." I mirror him, crossing my own arms.

He tilts his head back, gazing at the ceiling before sighing and looking back down at me. I raise my eyebrows in a questioning way.

"Thank you. By the way. For taking in Rose." He says after moments of silence pass.

I give a minute shrug, and stare at the doors. Oh how I wish I could just run away right now. I could, actually. But he'll probably come after me.

"Won't you say anything? At all? Even if you're mad at me?" He says, lifting a brow. I scoff, and then give him a big fake smile.

"You're welcome! It's a pleasure serving you!" I widen my eyes sarcastically.

This time it's his turn to scoff and shake his head. He gives me a disapproving look, almost as if I was a child in trouble.

"You're so difficult, Ray." He stares at me, tilting his head.

I ignore the uneasy feeling of his eyes on me, and roll my eyes instead.

"I heard you were going to lead a group back when you were with Trent." He changes the subject and I look away. I was going to. Was. Now I'm not so sure.

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