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I'm trying to update more for you guys, so here you go and enjoy! Also I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH ETHAN'S NEW HAIR. SO HOT.

Ray's POV

Grayson is by far the most irrational person I've ever met. I don't despise him, but I don't like him either. It's confusing. Although I have every reason not to agree to this, I'm a good person.

"You know, you could say yes." I mutter, standing behind him as he opened his door. Inside sat Rose, and a rubber knife?

"I had nothing else to give to her." Grayson explains when he sees my expression.

Right. So the best idea is to give her a rubber knife. Perfectly fine.

I raise an eyebrow, grinning when I see Rose pretending to throw the knife at Grayson's back. Grayson stands, watching me, oblivious of what she's doing.

"You really need my help, don't you?" I state, walking over to Rose and taking the knife away from her. I turn to face Grayson, knife in hand.

"First off, you don't give a kid a weapon." I give him a glare. One day he's going to hand some kid a real dagger instead of a rubber fake, and he's going to regret it. Speaking of regret, I really hope I don't regret agreeing to this.

Grayson rolls his eyes, yanking the rubber knife away from me and throwing it on his bed.

"So? You're lucky I'm even giving you a choice. Me being the one with the most authority, I could easily force you to do this." He warns, narrowing his eyes at me while adding stress to the word "force."

Force me? This man can't do shit. Especially when it's easy for  me to get outside of The Compound without anyone catching me. Although, that is my own fault. I wasn't thinking right. But I was definitely right on not wanting to see Grayson again. The same uneasy feeling from before came back, and I nudge Rose towards the door with me. Suddenly I couldn't wait to get out of here.

"You have to hide her, and you can't let anyone other than your friend know." He says, standing in the doorway.

"You're acting like I'm going to kill her. Calm down." I say in a false quip.

"Watch it," He snaps, and shuts the door on me. Great way to say thank you. Asshole.

Rose peers up at me, and I quickly take her hand, looking around for anyone near us. Oddly, no one is here, and the Scars and Jets that I usually see are missing. I haven't even seen Viper that much.

"So I'm going to live in your room forever?" Rose asks as we enter my pod. She sits down on my bed, kicking her feet.

Well, I didn't expect to come to The Compound and keep a little girl here in hiding.

"We don't know yet. We'll see." I smile at her, and then take a closer look at her face. I sniffed her hair, and then pull back, nose wrinkled in disgust.

"You smell. When's the last time you've had a shower, or a bath?" I ask, and she shrugs, picking at the fraying ends of her small dress.

Time for a bath.

I enter the bathroom, turning the water on and letting it warm up for a couple of seconds as it fills the tub. That's one good thing about this place. The tubs are pretty big. Rose walks in after me, and I shut the faucet off, walking over to her and pulling her hair out of its small bun. Her red hair falls down, knotted and all over the place.

"Okay. I'll find you some new clothes, don't worry about these." I say, and help her out of the dress and shoes.

Rose sits down in the tub, and I toss the clothes into the corner of the room. I'll handle that later. I bend over, reaching for some shampoo and pour some onto her head. One good thing about having a little sibling is that you learn how to take care of kids. I smile sadly to myself, remembering young Jack and I when we had our baths together.

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