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Picture of The Void and the Base, The Void is the building on the Left :)
Ray's POV

The sound of a stick being waved through the air echoed around the training room. I duck, swinging my right leg under my opponents to bring him down. Much to my dismay, he jumps right back up. Focus, Ray. I need to gain strength if I'm going to lead my own pack soon. I'm snapped out of my thoughts just as the stick comes down, and I jump to the right in time before it smashes into the floor.

"Damn!" My opponent, Luke, exclaims.

"Silence!" The steady whispers and murmurs around the room quiet down, and I turn back around to face Luke.

You're probably thinking who said that. His name is Trent, our whole army's leader. I exhale, positioning myself into stance. As Luke grips the stick and aimed for my shoulder, I quickly twist my body. Grabbing ahold of the stick, I use my elbow and turn to the right to bring it against his nose. Now this is more like it. He fell to the ground, and the lights in the room came on again. Luke stood up, holding his nose.

"Shit..that really brought the blood." I chuckle at him and shake my head as he turns and walks over to the bench.

I also turn around, and come face to face with Trent. I wait for him to tell me of how I did. I swear, it's like he's the pickiest person in the world. If he doesn't approve I will snap his neck into two. Not literally, otherwise I would have been dead in an instant.

"Ray." He speaks, his deep and croaky voice bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Yes sir?" I speak politely. Maybe being polite can boost up my chance to lead.

"You did well today, but it will take me some time to decide for you."

What?! Are you serious I'm about to-"That's perfectly fine sir, I understand."

I stop my angry thoughts from taking over and making me do something I would regret. It's not like he refused! He nods once and brushes past me, walking towards the exit and to the skybridge, a long walkway that connects two big buildings together. The one I'm in is called The Void. It's where all the Jets and Scars live as well as train.
I turn and follow everyone else through the metallic sliding doors.

"Hey there R." I hear someone say behind me.

Immediately I recognize it as my friend Viper.

"Hi Viper, you heading back to the pods?" I ask her as she speeds up next to me.

The pods are what we call our rooms in which we sleep and such.

"Hell yeah, I'm tired with all this training. Lucky for you, you don't have to anymore because you're gonna be a big boss bitch."
She smirks, and I roll my eyes at her choice of words.

We approach our pod and I lean towards the scanner, widening my left eye for it to scan. After a few seconds I hear a click and the doors open, allowing access.

"So what are you gonna do for the rest of the day until our meeting?" Viper asks me as she jumps into her bottom bunk of our beds.

I hadn't thought of that really, after I become a higher rank (Leader) I would be drowning in work to do, but right now?

"Actually, I don't know. But what did you say about some meeting?" I raise an eyebrow. Usually I know what's going on but I didn't hear of this.

"We're having some big meeting with the Jets. Trent and his guys will be there too. Some news he has to share with us..I guess." She shrugs and changes from her dark blue uniform into a t-shirt with some shorts.

If Trent had some news to share, I would know about it..which makes this immediately suspicious.

"I'm going to sleep, good night, don't sleep tight, somebody could ambush you." She mumbles her odd phrase.

"Alright, night." I say. I quietly sit on my top bunk bed for a while staring into space.

The distant sounds of shouts and talking is heard from the back of The Void. Probably people getting drunk. Silently I jump off my bed, landing onto the floors in a crouched position. Instead of leaving through the doors, I pry open our window, climbing through it and quickly going up.

"One, two, three, four.." I count the number of levels I pass until I see the top.

Using my feet I grip the side and then push, jumping up. I'm not supposed to be here, but since I came through the window and the scanner didn't scan my eye, my tracker tells others that I'm in my room. It will be about 10 minutes before anyone from the control room notices I'm not actually in there. I break out into a full sprint and cross the ceiling to the other side. Before me, the wide freezing expanse of the Arctic comes into view. I turn on the heat from my black uniform, checking how much time I have left. Five minutes. I take another two minutes of staring at the beautiful white land.

"Nothing ever lives out there, huh." I murmur. I wonder what's it's like, other than just cold and danger. What it's like to actually be able to live there.

Don't. One of the biggest warnings they tell you is that death will be the result if you even try to live out here. With a quick shudder I give one last glance and then turn around and run back. Three minutes left. Quickly I position myself and then start climbing down, before seeing my open window. I check my watch again. One minute left. I reach the window and swing through it, closing it shut. Ten..nine..eight, I change into some leggings with a sweater. Seven..six..five, I hop into my bed, pulling a blanket over me and reaching for a book. Four..three..two..one, and there is a knock on the door.

Casually, I say "Coming!" and approach the doors. I press a button and they open, revealing three guards.

"Oh, hello." I say, pretending to be confused as to why they were here. 

"Ray.." One of the taller guards starts to say.

"Oh yeah that's me, no last name." I nod.

"Yes well, we got a notification that you were not in the building?" Ugh, stupid trackers.

"What? I've been in my room the whole time sir. You can ask my pod mate." I exclaim. I manage to hold my stare with the guards, refusing to look away. No eye contact is one sign of lying.

"No, it's alright. Probably some bug that got into our system. Have a good night." He says, and leaves with the other two.

"Again, R?" I turn around to see Viper with her arms crossed.

"What? I'm just looking at the view..? It's not like I'm running away." I shrug with a hint of irritation. What's the big deal about going or looking outside nowadays? Yeah it's dangerous but that's what makes it fun. I feel so trapped in here, and it's bad enough to know we're separated from the world in the Arctic.

"All I gotta say is don't get caught, then you're in deep shit." She warns me and goes back to her bed.

"Whatever," I mumble. They can't punish me for doing something so simple, I'm not guilty of anything.

"Oh and by the way, we got one more hour until the meeting." She calls from underneath as I lay down in my bed.

I close my eyes, not bothering to reply or care about whatever meeting that's going to be held. Soon my mind became cloudy, and I fall asleep.

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