5. Escape Time

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5. Escape Time

Alaina was returned to her cell minutes after the winding up of the conversation, leaving the Captain to sit in his chair and bite his nails in thought. The sun outside was setting slowly over the horizon, orange glows filling his office.

He realises that he needed to sort something out. He'd made a promise to let Alaina go at the next island, but he needed to keep her under high alert. Something about the way she'd spoken before had him on edge; he didn't truly believe that she was telling the absolute truth. Plus the fact where she'd been eagerly looking over the map had him wondering as well. She wanted to be let off on an island and she wasn't even fussed which one. She could end up anywhere! Didn't she have family to get back to?

The reason he'd wanted to keep her on the ship had him just wanting to find out why she'd wandered onto his ship. But now... now he had a feeling that there was more too it and his plans were changed.

The Captain rolls over in bed, groaning with his head pounding and thumping from the nightmares that he'd experienced throughout the night. The sunshine steaming through the windows has him realising that it was morning and that he needed to get out of bed.


At the sound of a voice nearby the Captain opens his eyes only to be welcomed with Cain's blue eyes in his face. The Captain freaks out and immediately springs backwards, leaving him slipping off the edge of the bed. Before he knew it he was on the ground with the covers wrapped around him.

"Damn it Cain!"

The Captain says from the ground, his head now spinning from the fast awakening. Cain only laughs and walks around the bed to stand above the Captain.

"You okay down there Captain?"

"No," the Captain says with a grumble.

"Need help?" Cain asks, extending his arm out for him to take. The Captain rolls his eyes before clasping his hand within Cain's and shortly being pulled up from the ground.

"Why the sudden surprise?" the Captain asks as he pushes the blankets away from his feet in able to untangle himself.

"We've reached land sir," Cain says with a smile on his face.

The Captain looks up at Cain. His heart sinks slightly as he realises that the moment had come quicker than expected.

"Have you told her yet?" the Captain asks.

"No," Cain says. "But I can if you want?"

"No, don't. I need to do a few things first."

Cain raises an eyebrow. "Such as?"

"Such as taking the day to explore this place. I need to know that I'm letting her off in a safe area, otherwise we'll wait it out."

"So you actually care about her?"

"Of course I do," the Captain says, taken aback. "I care about anyone who enters my ship."

"Then... should I prepare to make land?"

"Sure," the Captain says. "I'll take you and a few other men in case. Tell half a dozen other men to go down and gather resources."

"Aye," Cain says. "When will we leave?"

"As soon as possible," the Captain says, already walking over to his wardrobe and pulling on random clothes. He grabs out a baggy white shirt which he puts over his head and a pair of black baggy pants with a pair of black shiny boots.

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