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The Captain walks across the deck in the morning light, his mind a whirling mess of tumbling thoughts. He couldn't quite understand Eris's plans for trying to kill him. What would she gain in killing the captain? He didn't have any sort of magical powers and he wasn't even that good at fighting! So why him?

"Blade! Boy get up here!"

The Captain snaps his head up from looking down at the ground to see Demetri waving him over from the quarterdeck. Smiling softly he obeys Demetri's orders and hops up onto the deck where he was steering the wheel.

"Is something wrong?" Blade asks.

"Not at all, I just wanted you to take over the wheel. My hands are killing and I have a headache," he whines.

Of course, it wasn't just out of the pity of his heart but from the pity he felt on himself that he gave Blade the wheel.

It wasn't a surprise for Blade, he was used to Demetri's ways.

"Aye," Blade says, taking the wheel from Demetri.

Demetri instantly lets out a happy sigh and leans against the railing.

"Can I tell you something?" Demetri says with all seriousness.

"Aye?" Blade says, curious to what he was going to say.

"I think I heard a banshee on my ship last night.... It was screaming as loud as it could and I woke up with a startle. In the end I just ended up hiding underneath my blankets in terror."

Blade couldn't help but give a nervous laugh, "That was probably just me."

Demetri looks up at Blade, startled. Frowning he looks Blade up and down once before standing up straight to look at him face on.

"You? How'd you get your voice that loud?"

"I don't even remember doing it," Blade admits with crimson tipped cheeks.

"Well... it happened," Demetri says with a scoff. "I just can't believe that it was you!"

"I was having a nightmare."

"Awh poor big, bad Blade," Demetri croons. "He was having a nightmare."

"It's not funny," Blade says with a glare. "Eris was controlling it."

"Controlling it?" Demetri says. "How does she control your dreams?"

"I... I'm not sure," Blade admits. "But she does have magik now, which means that she is powerful."

"Dude... I think you need to relax, go find a hot chick in the next village and calm down. I'm sure you'll be fine," Demetri says. "Besides, she can't get past this." He says, waving his hands over his body to emphasise that he was talking about himself.

Blade rolls his eyes. "I'm not worrying... just curious."

"This is what I'd do, run away for a few years coming up with an evil plan, then jump out of nowhere and kill her."

"I'd do that too, if she didn't have magical powers and wanted my head," Blade says sarcastically.

Demetri grunts in disapproval. "Fine..."

He turns to walk away. "Keep heading east, we need to find land or my crew will run out of things to eat."

"Aye sir," Blade says to Demetri's retreating figure.

Blade turns to look out at the ocean that was clear ahead, the morning fog chilling and slightly menacing as they slide through its sleekness.

He had to think up a plan, otherwise he wouldn't be getting off this ship anytime soon. Demetri had said that they were heading for land, so perhaps he could try and loose the pirate brothers and settle on his own voyage. But what about supplies... he needed to find his own ship, but this world was too big and wondrous to find just one simple ship. Plus, he wasn't the only ship sailing the seas.

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