Chapter 21 - Lost It All

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Chapter 21 – Lost It All

Blade rushes into the weapons room with nothing but an angered look on his face. All he cared about right now was to kill Eris and get his revenge. That was the only reason he was still fighting for his life – revenge.

Revenge for what Eris had done to him.

Revenge for what Eris had done to Cain.

Revenge for what Eris had done to Alaina.

Revenge for what she'd done to his ship.

But most of all, revenge for what she'd done to Blade and how she'd ruined his life.

Blade picks up a sword he feels is heavy enough and grabs it by the handle. He inspects it in the moonlight before turning around and exiting the room, leaving his crew to find their own weapons.


A voice stops him in his placing and he turns around to see Alaina standing there in the doorway, a look of desperation on her face.

"What?" he asks.

"I... I can't protect myself."

Blade bites his lip at the realisation of realising that he was thinking of his own thoughts and not anyone else's. He normally put everyone's thoughts and needs before him but he'd gone completely blank at the thought of being able to kill Eris.

At that thought he realises that he didn't even really need a sword to kill Eris. He had that vial of a potion in order to kill Eris.

"With this potion you can heal any sickness, illness, or even the dead. Which, it seems, Eris is on the verge of being."

"I need you to stay here," Blade says.

"No I need to help," Alaina says.

Blade lets out a heavy sigh. "I need to go kill her myself and having you alongside me will only slow me down."

"No I need to come," Alaina urges, taking a step forward.

But suddenly her eyes grow wide and she jumps back.

Blade frowns before turning around, only to find a raging pirate running towards him, a ferrel look on his face.

Blade instantly holds his sword up, ready for the fight. Instead the pirate never reached him because one of Blade's crew mate's rush passes him, a sword in hand. The pirate turns his attention on the oncoming pirate and together they brawl it out.

Blade watches as his crew mate slashes the sword here and there, dodging the sword this way and that way, just like he'd been taught.

"Come on Captain, we need to keep moving," a pirate whispers into Blade's ear.

Blade nods his head before rushing off passed the two battling pirates.

He didn't have time to look over his shoulder and think of where Alaina was, because he needed to focus on his own prioties at the moment.

"We need to find Eris and then leave her to me," Blade tells his crew.

"Aye sir," they all chant before parting ways.

With the thought of revenge in mind Blade rushes onto the top deck, slashing anyone in his path. By the time he was on deck the dead bodies were piling up by the bundle. People on deck were everywhere, fighting off their opponents in the crimson sky.

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