4. The Meeting

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4. The Meeting

Alaina turns the knob of the Captain's room, only to find him pulling a skirt over his half naked body. His shirt slides over his black hair, pulling it into his opaque blue eyes. He shortly shakes his head, making his hair fall back into place before he turns around and catches Alaina's eyes.

"I-I was told to come in," Alaina says from the doorway, her hand still on the door knob.

Suddenly she's pushed into the room from behind. Turning around she finds Cain standing before the now closed door, his hand locking it. Smiling he looks down at her smugly, making her look over at the Captain.

"What's he doing in here?" she asks, pointing up at him.

"I," Cain says, smacking her finger away from his face. "Am here as his body guard."

"Body guard? Why?"

"In case you're hiding a relatively deadly instrument somewhere," Cain says.

Alaina takes a step back from Cain, her eyes trained into a glare at him. But no matter how slitted her eyes get, he still has that smug look upon his face.

"And where do you suggest I'd be hiding a deadly instrument?" Alaina says, crossing her arms smartly with an eyebrow raise.

"Oh I can think of plenty of places," Cain says with a wink at her.

Alaina instantly goes crimson, her cheeks flaming up. She completely turns away from Cain to face the Captain whose eyebrows were raised in questioning. His eyes were zipping back and forth between the two, wondering when he'd be able to start.

"You guys done?" the Captain asks, pointing a glare at Cain behind Alaina while saying it.

"Sure," Cain says as he tries to hide a laugh.

Alaina watches as Cain walks around her to sit down in one of the chairs situated in the room. The room was much bigger than her dingy cell with light streaming in through the windows, letting the sunshine pour in. A desk was situated a little distance from where Alaina stood with paper, quills and ink scattered everywhere. Cupboards lined the wall behind the Captain and Alaina wonders whether that was where the Captain hid his weapons. Beside the cupboards was a door.

"I should hope your stay has been comfortable?" the Captain asks as he takes the seat behind the desk, his feet hitting the desk as he gets comfortable.

Alaina wonders if she should just stay put or sit down, wondering how long this was going to take.

"It's fine," she says simply.

The Captain raises an eyebrow before crossing his arms over his chest and staring at her, his eyes roaming over her appearance. Alaina instantly pretends not to notice the motion and instead she continues to look around the room. Behind her was a massively spread out map of the world. Her eyes look enviously for one particular island in which she'd been dying to see in years.

"Nice map," Alaina says, drying her lips as her eyes catch sight of her island.

Her heart flutters within her chest. She couldn't believe it... she could see the scenery right now from outside her castle walls, all green and luscious looking from the spring weather.

"Indeed," the Captain says. "But I'm more interested in the fact that you happened to board my ship last night."

Alaina turns from looking at the map and looks at Cain and the Captain. She knew that they wanted to know and something told her that they'd do anything to get it. But why? What if she lied to them? Would they just simply let her go?

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