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"NOooooooooooo!" Alaina screams.

Cain struggles to contain the uncontrollable Alaina as she twists and turns in his grasp. Eventually Cain lets go of her, but regrets it afterwards when she turns around and slaps him across the face. A big red bruise swells on his face and he stumbles backwards slightly before regaining his posture.

"No!" Alaina yells as she reaches Eris. She had no plan in mind, but the thought of stopping Eris from killing Blade.

"I hate unwanted accessories," Eris says to Blade.

Blade, unable to take the second hint behind her words, looks up just in time to see Eris turn around and prepare to push Alaina off. His eyes open wide as the seconds tick by and everything goes to slow motion:

Alaina had her arms out, ready to grab at Eris's back and throw her to the ground; Eris had her sword ready for the kill; Cain was regaining posture from the hit; his crew mates were all frozen like statues, most likely from Eris's powerful trance over them all.

But nothing could stop him as Alaina ran right into the point of Eris's dagger. Eris had swung around so quickly that it looked like a blur, even Blade couldn't comprehend what she was doing till it was too late.

"NOOOOO!" Blade yells out.

Everything went back to normal motion as Blade watched with wide eyes at the scene before him.

Alaina with the sword pierced right into her stomach; Eris's hair swinging in the wind of the motion from swinging around; Cain's mouth open wide from the shock as well.

Alaina's blood pours onto the wooden floor boards as Eris wrenched the sword out of her stomach and leaves her to fall to the ground. Blade doesn't think, he just moves to Alaina's side instantly.

"No, no, no, no, no, no," Blade says in panicked breathes.

All emotion drains from his face and body as he watches Alaina, wide eyed, on the ground. He didn't know what to do as his eyes trail along her body. Blood soaked her clothing, spreading onto the floor boards and onto Blade's pants.

"I...," Alaina says in shock as she tried to speak. Her eyes were wide in surprise, her body going numb. But blood was already bubbling up her throat, choking her air ways.

Blade had seen a scene like this before, the night when Eris had taken over the ship for her own and Blade looked down on the only other man he'd called his father. Now it was happening again...

Tears brim his eyes as he watches in shock as Alaina dies behind his eyes. His brain hurt from the scenes changing rapidly through his mind. One moment he was dying, the next Alaina was on the ground dying.

He looks up, desperate for anyone to help him out, but the only eyes that meet his were Cain's.

"You.... you did this," Blade says in shaky breaths.

Cain's face is only a Poker face.

"Alaina, breathe," Blade says to Alaina. He reaches a trembling hand down to her face which was a look of total shock.

"I... I.... I'm sorry," she tries to say through the bubbles of blood pouring from her mouth.

What was happening...

Blade thinks. He bites his lip as he realises that there was nothing to do to save her.

"I'm sorry," Blade says down to her. He bends his neck down low to land a kiss on her forehead which was sizzling by the second.

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