6. Attack

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6. Attack

The Captain turns his head this way and that, his nerves on high alert. This forest was having him panic slightly. He had no idea what to expect and even though this was thrilling, it was also quite nerve-racking.

"This weather is getting to me," Cain says as he continues to slash his way through the forest, his sword cutting through the vines like water. His movements were getting slower as the sun gets higher above their heads. None of them knew how long they'd been walking through the forest for, but it had felt like a while.

"Same," the Captain says.

He looks down at his feet, his shoes soaked in dirt and loose grub. Sweat was flowing down his face like a waterfall with nothing to keep him dehydrated. His black hair was sticking to his face and making this venture through the forest even harder to see.

"We could be spending all day on this island cutting through endless forest," Cain says.

"Or we may find something else," Henry says in an optimistic way.

Cain rolls his eyes, "I doubt it, I have a feeling that this is going to take a while."

"Do you now?" the Captain asks with a soft laugh.

"Aye, I have a feeling that this forest will take us all day just to get to the other side of the island and then we'll be left camping on the beach."

"Wouldn't that be great," Henry says sarcastically with a sigh. The Captain turns around to see Henry sliding a hand through his red hair and Marcus dragging his heels at the back, his head bent down in thought.
"I hate camping, it reminds me too much of my village life."

"Village life was great," the Captain says in defence. "I can still remember it till this day."

"Oh I can remember it clearly," Cain says sarcastically.

The Captain rolls his eyes, "You never had a village life."

"I know, but I did live in a village for a few months while my father had us kidnap a village," Cain replies with a sigh. "Oh those days."

"I still remember the first day you found me...," the Captain says with a smile at the memory glazing over his mind.

"Worst day of my life," Cain says with a chuckle. "My sister went crazy over you."

The Captain's heart tightens at the mention of Cain's sister. She'd been beautiful and hypnotised the Captain into doing anything. But back then he hadn't been the captain, she had. Well... more like the Captain's best mate, who had been her father.

"Yeah," the Captain replies back simply. "I remember her."

"She was absolutely-"

Suddenly Cain falls to the ground in a ear-slipping scream. His legs give way as he falls to the ground, his face landing in the dirt. Henry immediately attends to Cain while Marcus and the Captain grab their swords, their eyes looking around the area in order to find the source of Cain's fall.

"Cain," Henry says, rolling him onto his back.

Cain screams at the movement. "IT HURTS!!"

Henry looks from Cain's face and then all the way down to his leg. His pants had been slashed open with blood dripping from the wound. Gently, Henry grabs at the material around the wound and tries to lift it up as carefully as he could. Cain winces at the action that Henry performs. Eventually Henry had detangled the material from the blood to reveal three long scratches etched into Cain's skin.

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