9. Love Has Its Ways

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9. Love Has Its Ways

"How did you get here?" the Captain asks just as a sudden jabbing pain makes him roll over again. Groaning, he clutches his stomach.

"I walked, how else?" she says.

The Captain smiles with closed eyes up at the ceiling, a laugh escaping him. "I never realised you were into witchcraft."

"Oh come on Captain...," she says, getting off the bed to stand above him. She then reaches down a hand and grasps the cuff of his shirt, making their faces seem really close. The Captain opens his eyes to look into hers eyes which were changing from Enya's to the usual eyes he'd had many nightmares about.
"Don't play stupid."

"Stupid?" the Captain scoffs. "I'd say you're the stupid one."

"You fell for a pretty face, yet again," she says, the hand on his collar getting tighter with the anger inside her rising.

"True," the Captain says, nodding. "But that was till I saw yours."

Her eyes turn into slits. "Don't think I won't kill you."

"You have the dagger in your hand and I'm definitely not surprised if you did kill me," he says. She smiles cunningly at him, her fine lips turning back to her own.

A sort of shiver ripples over her body, transforming Enya's sixteen year old body to Eris's nineteen year old body. Eris's eyes turn from Enya's chocolate brown ones and back to her dreaded blue eyes, the eyes that had pierced him with only love once upon a time but now were only filled with hatred. Enya's long brown hair shortens to Eris's shorter hair, Eris's curls popping up around the place. Her body lengthens and then widens in some areas, the soft hand that was cuffed at the Captain's neck growing longer with her nails stretching out like claws. After a minute of the shiver twinkling over the transformation of Enya's body into Eris's, Eris was standing there, her own eyes glaring down at the Captain.

"Hello there Captain," she says sweetly. "Don't tempt me next time, your lips aren't that sweet that I can't cut them off."

She then lowers her lips before the Captain's, her breath a cloying sweetness against his face. He takes it in and moves his lips up to hers too. The thought of her wanting him still had a smile creeping over his face.

"I don't think you get it... do you?" the Captain whispers against her lips.

"Get what?" she says, lowering herself onto the Captain so that she was sitting on him on the ground. The pain in his stomach lessons as her hands curl around his neck, her fingers playing with the hair at the back of his neck.

"The words 'it's over'."

"Oh Blade," she laughs softly. "I get it, I think it's you who doesn't get the words 'I want you'."

"Oh I get it," the Captain says, teasing her by moving his lips closer to hers. She gasps at the slightest impact of their lips touching.
"But you're brother downstairs has made it pretty clear that we're not compatible."

"Cain's still here... I'm surprised," she says, kissing him.

The kiss is slow and gentle at first, their lips moving in sync as if they were used to it. When in fact... they were used to it. The Captain moves one hand from the ground to grasp it on her hip, wanting to hold her in place. At the touch she pulls away.

"Blade, you can't go around teasing girls like this, it's just not you," she says, getting ready to lower her lips to his again.

"No? Watch me."

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