2. What To Do?

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2. What To Do?

The Captain stares out at the sun rising over the horizon, its sun rays casting a radiate glow over his ship. The only noise that made its way to his ears was the flapping sound of the sails and the soft waves rocking contents of the ship downstairs. By this stage his crew were still sound asleep to the morning sunshine, leaving him the only thing awake on this ship.

"What to do... what to do...."

The Captain himself had been tossing and turning throughout the whole night, unsure of how to handle this situation of the mysterious girl. He didn't even know her name or the real reason why she'd wondered onto his ship. Because of these unanswered questions he'd been unable to enjoy his sleep and so, instead, he'd set sail in the middle of the night and run off the energy of the rum running through his system.

"Rum for breakfast? Really?"

The Captain turns from the view of the sunrise to see Cain walking along the deck, a smile across his face. The Captain sighs against his post on the railing, his whole body leant against its wooden frame.

"I couldn't sleep," he replies simply, returning to look back at the sunrise. He then takes a swig of the rum, the bottles feeling cold against his lips.

"Because that's an excuse," Cain says, walking up the stairs onto the captains quarterdeck.

"Yes...?" the Captain says, unsure of his sentence.

Ignoring the question, Cain comes to lean against the railing beside the Captain, his hands twiddling aimlessly.

"I take it you set sail last night," Cain says, noticing the obvious.

"I didn't want to stay near the shore in case someone came looking for the missing girl, then framed us," the captain says. "And quite frankly, I'd rather keep my reputation for non-kidnapping pirates to a minimum."

"And to keep your reputation for a slutty-pirate instead," Cain says with a sarcastic smile. His blonde hair shines in the sun rays, his blue eyes hiding a secret behind those dark eyelashes.

"But of course! I could never lose that reputation."

"You sure?" Cain asks with a questioning raise of the eyebrows.

"Oh I'm sure," the Captain says with a suggestive smile.

"So what happened to that girl last night?"

"I dropped her off at the dock, and yes... she still wanted me, even though she was drunk."

"Oh I'm sure she wanted you," Cain says.

Seagulls gawk overhead with their wings spread out against the wind, their destination in mind. Before the lonely ship was nothing but waves which was exactly what the Captain wanted before he went to interrogate the girl.

"She did, she was still trying to take my shirt off and that was after I rolled her down the plank onto the jetty. Thank god she was skinny and went straight down... otherwise she might be on the bottom of the sea right now."

Cain doesn't reply as he's unable to come up with a response, so instead he asks another question.

"When are you going to be interrogating her?"

"I'm not sure," the Captain says, his tone serious now. "I've been thinking about it all night."

"I'm surprised she got on board without anyone noticing her."

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