20. A Lucky Escape

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20. A Lucky Escape

Alaina slowly looks up from cowering on the floor to see Cain standing over top of her, the gun nowhere to be seen.

Tears filled her eyes, both from panic and fear.

"I... what?" Alaina asks, looking around in bewilderment.

Blade was pressed up against the bars, his face looking distraught and very shocked.

"You thought I was going to shoot you?" Cain says, looking down at Alaina, though in a way as if he were looking right through her.

"Well... you were holding a gun to my head," Alaina says as she tries to contain her heartbeat rapidly beating inside her chest.

"I... I thought you were still him," Cain says, looking briefing down at the now dead body.

"Luckily I ducked then," Alaina says with a faint smile while she slowly gets up off the floor.

Cain only smiles, his eyes still trained on the spot Alaina had been on the floor.

"Alaina," Blade says.

Alaina turns from looking up at Cain to see Blade slumped against the bars, his face a look of total disbelief. Alaina slowly walks over to Blade, her feet wobbly from the incident.

"Get his keys," Blade whispers as soon as Alaina was close enough to hear.

Alaina turns around on the spot to face a ridged Cain.

"Cain.... We need the keys, please," Alaina says.

Cain scoffs softly before turning his head up to stare at Alaina.

'"I should be stopping you but there's this... this feeling inside me that's forbidding me to...," Cain stammers out, though the words weren't forming his emotions on his tongue properly.

"It's okay Cain," Alaina says, gently while anticipating his every movement. "We're friends."

"And then the words of Eris keep playing in my head. But... why would she be lying about you? She's my sister, I should believe in her, not you," Cain says.

Alaina could feel the chances of escaping slipping from her grasp. Whatever Cain was going on about was floating over Alaina's head, all she had in mind was to get to the keys that were tucked in Cain's pant pocket.

"I can't think straight," Cain says, latching onto his head, his eyes squeezing shut.

"Cain listen to me," Blade says, his voice calm but urgent. "You sister is toying with your vulnerable mind. She's playing you and twisting you into her little games. She killed you father... you remember that?"

"S-she told me you did?" Cain says, his eyes opening wide to stare at Blade.

Alaina meanwhile advances towards Cain faster. Once she was close enough Cain looks down at her, directly into her brown eyes. Alaina stands still as Cain looks between Alaina, Blade and Nash.

"I never killed your father," Blade says. "We both witnessed Eris killing you father, our captain. Remember? Then we started our own crew and set on sailing the world."

"No," Cain says, shaking his head in disbelief.

"We were going to become the most feared pirates on the seas," Blade pushes.

"No," Cain says, his teeth grinding.

"We were going to kill Eris."

"Stop!" Cain says, anger flashing back into his eyes.

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