8. Seductive Ways

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8. Seductive Ways

The Captain slowly opens his eyes, his vision blurry and his whole body numb. He felt all groggy and his blood heavy as he lays there, still and patient, on the bed. As he blinks away the blurriness covering his eyes he could slowly make out Cain's unconscious figure before him. He was lying on his back, his eyes moving placidly behind his eyelids.
Groaning he rolls over on the sheets to look around the room. The door was ajar with the light streaming in from behind it. The room was dark now with all access of light behind shut off after from the jarred door. Figures walk beyond it, causing shadows to stream along the walls of the room the reflected light touched.

Slowly, the Captain sits up in bed, wiping his eyes from the weariness that starts to exit his body. His head felt heavy with the dreams that he'd been drive into from the spell and his whole body felt sort of numb and bubbly.

A soft groan from Cain sounds, drawing his attention to him next.

"Cain?" the Captain whispers into the room.

Cain only replies with a mumbled groan before he rolls over in bed. Suddenly, it was almost like he'd remembered what had been going on because he opens his eyes in a startled manner.

"Are you okay?" the Captain asks in concern.

"W-where are we?" Cain asks as he lifts his head from the pillow to glance around.

"We're in the castle," the Captain says with a confused frown.

"Castle?" Cain asks, his eyes looking wild as they look around the area.

Suddenly light has both of the boys blind. They close their eyes as the light gets turned on within the room.

"Ow!" Cain says as he shelters his eyes with his hand.

"Sorry," a boys voice sounds.

The Captain slowly blinks against the light in order to get used to the unusual sensation. His head gives a sudden throb of pain as he blinks, his mind still getting over the pain.

"I've been told to inform you about a crew member," the boy continues on without really caring about Cain and the Captain.

"A crew member?" the Captain asks.

"Yes... a lost girl," he says.

The Captain freezes from his position in getting off the bed and turns to stare up at the boy. The boy instantly goes ridged and starts to twiddle his fingers.

"Who?" the Captain urges as he gets off the bed. His feet feel shaky from the impact and he ends up flopping back against the bed for support.

"I don't know sir, I was just told to send on the message once you woke up," the boy says. Before the Captain could reply the boy nods silently and exits the room.

"No... she couldn't have... could she?" Cain asks.

The Captain looks at Cain with worried eyes. What if she had gotten off the ship?

"I don't know... but I'm going to find out," the Captain says. Cain nods.

Together they walk from the room and down the unknowing hallways. Maidens, guards and other strange people were scattered along the hallways everywhere, their curious eyes turning to steal a glance as the two boy walk down the hallway.

"I wouldn't have thought a castle would be this crowded...," Cain says as he looks around.

"Perhaps they're having a party?" the Captain asks.

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