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The Captain sighs against the pole that he was attached to. He couldn't help the feeling of defeat flood into him and make him feel down. Especially when it was in the defeat of Eris... why had he listened to his best mate? The feeling of Cain and Alaina's fingertips against his cause him to come out of his state.

"I have big plans for all of you," Eris says as she walks up to the Captain who was sat on the ground.

She had changed into something more comfortable and her hat was on her head, its red feather swaying in the cool breeze. How he'd hated that hat...

"I'm sure you do," Cain says sarcastically.

"I hope it involves unicorns," the Captain mumbles.

"You know I'm slightly concerned about you and your unicorn obsession," Eris says before him. She reaches down one long finger to curl it underneath his chin, forcing him to look up at her.

"Unicorns are amazing," the Captain says. "I normally talk about them when I'm drunk."

"But you're not... are you?" Eris says, making her point. "Now... be quiet."

"Why?" the Captain asks, pushing her buttons.

Eris smiles cunningly at the Captain. "Because you're going to need your voice for the morning."

The Captain couldn't help but fear for what was to come. He hated her... he despised her.... How had he ever told her that he'd loved her? How had he found a place for her in his heart?

"Good," she says with success. "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to bed."

She says with a fake yawn. She bends down before the Captain, grabs both sides of his face and presses her lips against his. He wants to pull away, but was unable to due to the pole digging into his back. Plus, he was sitting down and his feet were no use tied up. She pulls away with a soft laugh.

"See you guys tomorrow."

Minutes later the whole crew had walked downstairs for bedtime, leaving the three of them on the top deck, the sky above them and the waves crashing against the ship their only company.

"You know... I really hate it when you guys kiss," Cain says. "I mean, she's still my sister and all."

"She's your sister!?" Alaina asks in surprise.

"Yes," Cain says blankly, like he didn't want to be reminded of the horrible truth.

"How the hell are you related to her?" Alaina asks in shock.

"Well... when a mum and a dad make love they can't help but have twins," Cain says.

Alaina's face pales in the moonlight. What was worse than them being related was them being twins! Now that she thought about it... they did have the same nose shape, the same sort of hair colour (Cain's was a dark blonde and Eris's was a light brown) and they both had the same face shape. When she'd first seen Eris she'd been nothing but kind to her but that was till a year later when Eris told Alaina of her real plans.

"Twins...," Alaina says out loud in a soft voice.

"Yes, twins," Cain says with gritted teeth. He hated knowing that the same blood in him ran through the veins of Eris, his horrid bitch of a sister.

"I had a brother," Alaina sighs, her head resting against the pole.

"What happened to him?" Cain asks.

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