12. The Last Straw

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12. The Last Straw

The Captain shuts the door behind him softly before venturing down the dark hallway. He couldn't see a thing, but he expected that that would be the case. Cursing under his breath he uses his hands along the walls as his guidance.

The texture of the wall was as hard as wood as the Captain's fingertips slide over the smooth surface. He could remember when he'd walked down this hallway many years ago, the hallway always being turned off at night. The walls had been painted white over the years from aging and he could remember the Captain of the ship, Cain and Eris's father, asking them to paint the walls themselves. So they had, with the help of a few of the crew.
When the Captain had seen the pirate ship that one day in the village he'd been eager to go meet the crew. Luckily for him, his mother hadn't cared for him and so it wouldn't have hurt much when he'd run off to be a pirate. And that was how he'd ended up on the Miss Nightingale.

Eventually, he'd read the ending of the wall and turns left. He knew exactly where he was going for he'd spent hours looking upon the shiny metals of the countless daggers, swords, guns and knives before. Images of a young Blade running down the exact same hallway with Cain flickers across his mind, Eris running along behind them with her toy in Blade's hand.

"Give it back!" she had screeched.

Blade and Cain had laughed and had picked up their pace down the hallways. The Captain comes back to the present and smiles at the memory. Oh how he wanted those times to come back... When he'd been younger he'd wanted to be older and now... now he wished he was younger so that the problems would just disappear.

Another flashback appears in the Captain's mind as he rounds another corner in the darkness. An image of Blade pretending to protect a distraught Eris from the evil arms of Cain - who had been pretending to be a big, fierce dragon – cover his mind, consuming him. He gasps at the slight memory as the laugh of Eris's young face flashes into his mind. His heat yearns for that young Eris again... and how he'd fallen so in love with her was beyond his minds compatibility.

Eventually he rounds another corner, which he quickens the pace at before anyone notices that he wasn't tied up to the deck. Silently, he counts the number of doors his hands slide along on the right side of the wall, his fingers gliding over the ridges and curves of the door frames before landing onto the wooden doors itself. As soon as he was past the fifth door be moves onto the sixth, which was the door he'd wanted to be at.

Luckily for him, the light inside the room wasn't on, so he quickly opens the door and turns the light on before walking inside. But instead of finding a bunch of weapons he finds Nash in the corner of the room, wriggling in tight ropes with his mouth covered with fabric.

The Captain's eyes open up wide, a gasp escaping his mouth.



Cain sighs against the pole, his head hitting the wooden surface hard. He shouldn't have given into Blade and let him wander down the dark depths of the ship. One, he was delusional and two, he wasn't thinking straight. The third reason though outweighs his one and two as he realises that the Captain had one thing going for him – he was smart.

"Do you think we'll get off here?" Alaina asks suddenly.

"Sure we will, we're pirates," Cain says with a shrug.

"Just because you're pirates doesn't mean that we're going to survive," Alaina says, stating a very good point.

"Good point," Cain mumbles. "But I believe that Blade will get us out of here."

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