3. Time To Meet The Captain

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3. Time To Meet The Captain

The sound of the swords clashing against one another rings loud and clear into the evening. The Captain himself was leaning against his railing, the sun high in the sky and sending it's glorious heated rays down onto his crew who were sword fighting below.

Cain had opted to fight against one of his mates as a duel and as a dare to get some rum. So, here the crew were, circled around the two pirates duelling off in the centre of them all. The Captain had realised, shortly into the duel, that Cain was the better fighter. His muscles were showing underneath his shirt and the sweat on his brow just showed how determined he was to win this fight. The other guy, however, was scrawnier and not as muscled as Cain, but he still had a few good hits at Cain from time to time.

Every time the other guy launched his sword out at Cain the Captain couldn't help but feel a little nervous, though the smile on his face was strong. He loved watching his crew duel off and honestly, without his crew he wouldn't be anything. His crew was his family... his friends and his everything. He had nothing else to go back to. Hell, he'd been brought up as a slave boy in a village with nothing to do but to gather food and water for his bitch of a mother. Seeing that his father had died at a young age, Blade had been given the authority to do his father's chores and only at a young age.

"Get him!"

"Hit him!"

"Oh so close!"

The whole crew were getting into the swing of things and even though the sun was singeing their skin they couldn't help but love being outside to watch the scene unfold.


The Captain says as the other guy lunges a good swing at Cain, causing a blood gash to seep from his thigh. Cain lets out a hiss of anger and stumbles on the spot, his leg left to limp. A smile creeps its way across the Captain's lips as he waits for the scene to unfold. His crew knew not to kill one another in these duels, otherwise it was the plank for all of them.

"Swing him Cain!"

"Kill him!"

"Get him back Cain, come on!"

Cheers from the crew rise up from all areas of the deck. Some were hanging from the sails, some were sitting down on the deck, some were sitting on barrels and others were standing around, leaving the Captain standing in his position on the quarterdeck.

"You shouldn't have done that buddy," Cain says, his sword lying limply by his side.

The Captain had known Cain was a young age and somewhat knew what was going through his mind right now. He was thinking of what to do with the boy standing before him. He wanted to kill him, but knew he'd get hung for that. The Captain notices the shift in the sword in Cain's grasp as he unclenches and clenches his grasp on the hilt.

Before the Captain could predict Cain's movements, Cain swings forward, his sword swinging furiously back and forward as the boy continually jumps back. But Cain wasn't stopping. No, he was still swinging his sword wildly across the area of the boy's stomach, causing the boy to slightly freak out and making him jump back, his body bending in at the stomach in order to get out of the reach of the sword.

Frowning, the Captain wonders what mauver Cain was using. Had he been wrong in the prediction of Cain's motions and was he actually going to kill the guy? Or was he just trying to keep it exciting by freaking the guy out?

"GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!"

The crew all chant as they clap to the rhythm of the chants. The crew were watching the scene unfold with wide eyes, no one daring to blink in case they missed a second of the action.

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