14. Nightmares

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14. Nightmares

The Captain leans against the railing, the soft wind whipping through his black hair. Demetri had been kind enough to allow the Captain to borrow some clothing, so no he was wearing the usual pirate outfit – baggy clothing – with a long black jacket.

"You know," Alaina says, coming up behind the Captain to place herself against the railing.

The Captain looks up at her, his thoughts scattering as she interrupts them.

"What?" the Captain asks.

"I never thought my life would turn out this way...," she sighs.

The Captain looks over her features, the setting sun settling on his loose brown hair and her dark brown eyes reflecting the sun within them. Something about her had had him restless the moment he'd set eyes on her, and even though he knew the truth about her appearance in his life, he couldn't help but be curious to know everything about her.

"How'd you think it would go?"

"With me marrying a prince and setting off into the sunset," Alaina says with a sarcastic tone. The Captain gives a soft chuckle. "Nah... I just thought I'd still have my family by my side."

"Instead you have a surprisingly handsome pirate by your side," Demetri says suddenly as he walks by.

The Captain turns to look over his shoulder at him, Demetri directing a wink his way. Rolling his eyes, the Captain turns around to continue talking to Alaina.

"Who is that guy?" Alaina asks. "Because so far this ride with you guys has been nothing but random."

"Demetri and Julian helped Cain and I rebuild ourselves after Eris ruined us," the Captain says, Cain's name choking on his vocal chords on the way out.

"Oh... so good friends?" Alaina asks. "How fortunate that they'd been happening to sail by."

"Yes, that was fortunate," the Captain agrees. "But how long had we been sailing on that boat?"

"About half a day," Alaina says. "Including the night hours."

The Captain just nods his head and turns to look back out at the sea.

"You know...," Alaina says. "I still can't believe that Cain's dead."

"I know," the Captain says, his jaw locking.

"I mean, how long had you known him?"

"Almost my entire life. I was ten when I first met him. His father had been the Captain of Eris's ship, till she'd killed him."

"Why would you kill your own father...?" Alaina asks, shocked by the news. "I would die just to have my father back."

"She's a dark twisted woman," Blade says. "For whatever reason she did it, she ruined the crew that night."

"You've got that right," Alaina says. "So... where are we headed?"

"I have a plan in mind," the Captain says.

"And where's that?" Alaina asks, pushing on.

"Well we need to defeat her and I have a feeling that the only way to defeat a witch is to suck her power from her."

"So we're going to find a wizard who can do that for us?"

"Correct," Blade says with a soft smile. "I'm going to make her regret everything she's ever done to me."

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