17. A Blinding Spell

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17. A Blinding Spell

Blade gulps down the fear that he held in the back of his throat and walks, steadily, down the dark hallway. He had no idea what to expect. If he'd had it his way he would've just killed her and gotten it over and done with, but a certain someone had stopped him in his tracks.

"Come with me, I'll take you to my chambers," purrs Faye in the darkness. Blade swore he could hear her chuckle slightly in her position.

"Where are we going?" Alaina whispers behind Blade, causing him to jump slightly.

"Don't do that," hisses Blade.

"Where are we?" Nash says into the empty hallway.

"I'm not sure," Blade says.

"Is she going to kill us?" Nash asks nervously

Blade rolls his eyes before he bumps into something, causing Alaina to bump into him from behind. Staggering backwards from the sudden force Blade blinks twice before realising that he'd reached the end of the hallway.

"Ow," Blade says, rubbing his nose.

"What happened?" Nash asks.

"I bumped into a wall," Blade says.

"Were we supposed to have turned some time?" Alaina asks.

"I don't know, I can't see a bloody thing!" Blade hisses as he looks around wildly, not that it helped of course.

"Oh no, you've found the right place," Faye's voice carries out around them all, echoing around the hallway as if she were everywhere.

A hand clings onto Blade's shoulder, nails digging into his skin.

"Ow, Alaina, get off me," Blade hisses, wiping her hand off his shoulder.

"That wasn't me," Alaina says defensively.

"Sorry," Nash says silently.

"Bloody hell," Blade says, turning around on the spot, or so he thought, only to walk into the wall. "Damn it! My nose again!"

Alaina couldn't help but laugh a little into the dark hallway. "Try using your hand genius."

Blade mutters something incoherent under his breath before reaching out a hand to slide down the wall. With the guidance of his hands he eventually turns around in the right direction. With his hands out in front of him to guide him, he bumps into someone.

"Blade!" hisses Aliana. "Don't touch me!"

Blade quickly pulls back his hands after having touched something he shouldn't have.

"You know I can't apologise for that," Blade smirks into the dark as Alaina's face comes into view, the darkness slowly melting into shapes and outlines.

Alaina slaps him against the face, the cracking of her hand against his face causing him to stumble on the spot.

"God damn it girl," Blade says, holding a hand against the spot she'd slapped him.

"Sorry, but you shouldn't be perving anyway," Alaina says.

"Perving? How the hell was I perving?"

"You touched my-"

A soft cough echoes through the hall, causing them all to stand still. The hairs on their arms straighten up.

"Can we please get on with this? I have better things to do," Faye says from the darkness.

Suddenly a light at the end of the hall blasts into the hallway. Blade, Alaina and Nash shelter their burning eyes from the light and advance towards it.

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