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The Captain couldn't quite figure out what was happening as he stares at Cain's body lying on the ground.

"I'll give you one last chance Captain... leave now and don't come back," Eris says in a snarl.

The Captain swallows down his sadness just long enough to look down at her. Her lips were curled up in a smile, her eyes twinkling in the moonlight. His sword was left hanging by his side by now and he couldn't help but take a step backwards from her.

"Fine," he says. "But at least cherish his body."

"I will," Eris says as she gets up.

The pirate who had killed Cain comes over to stand above the Captain, his angered eyes staring down at him. The Captain couldn't even think of what to do as Alaina comes up behind him, grabbing the Captain's arm to drag him slowly away from the scene.

"Come on," Alaina says, a hint of worry in her tone. All she knew was that they should take the offer while it lasted.

But the Captain couldn't take his eyes off Cain as he lies on the floor, the moonlight reflecting his blood-coated body. He wanted to run over to him and bury his tears into his neck, but knew that they were still on Eris's ship, meaning that they needed to get away while they still could.
So instead, he turns around from Eris, shaking Alaina's arm off his shoulder and jumps into the boat. Once Alaina was settled in beside a sleeping Nash, the Captain cuts the ropes of the boat, leaving them to drop down into the ocean.

The waves carry them further and further away from the ship, the Captain's eyes glaring at it. He could make out Eris's figure looking out at them, her hair flying in the wind. He still wasn't able to quite get past the fact that his best mate... his only family left standing and his only friend... was dead.

The sun gleams down on the boat, seagulls overhead were chirping and pecking at the mysterious boat. The Captain groans as the sun gently stings his skin, absorbing into his pores.

"Blade? Are you okay?"

Groaning further the Captain opens one eye only to see Alaina and Nash sitting upright in the boat, their eyes looking at the Captain in worry. Stretching, he cracks his toes and yawns up at the sky as he wakes up, sleep slipping away from him.

"Where are we?" he asks as he arches his back in order to crack it.

Sleeping in a boat was no an ideal place to sleep in. Especially when it had hard edges and the seats got in the way. Plus the waves were more apparent on a smaller vessel.

"In the middle of nowhere," sighs Nash.

"I've been trying to steer us towards the shore," Alaina says sadly.

"There won't be any land for miles," the Captain says, sighing sadly as he sits upright and looks around him.

There no nothing anywhere. All there was to see was the ocean around them, which was making the boat bob up and down here and there.

"How do you know?" Alaina asks.

"Because," the Captain replies simply.

He hadn't slept well that night due to the fact that nightmares had racked his brain. Images and flashes of Cain dying had shaken him awake, forcing him to try and get back to sleep once again. He still couldn't believe that he was dead... yesterday they were wandering through the forest and today... well today there was no Cain.

"I'm sorry to hear about your mate," Nash says with a sympathetic smile.

The Captain lets out a soft laugh, his nerves unable to be contained. He fiddles with his fingers within his grasp, his hold on his emotions unable to be distinguished.

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