10. Escaping The Devil

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10. Escaping The Devil

The Captain, Cain and Alaina run as fast as their legs could carry them, though it was quite hard to do when obstacles kept getting in their way. Plus, they had no idea where they were going. The Captain was running around corner after corner, hoping that it would lead them to the right one – eventually.

"Where the hell are we going?" Cain asks as he looks over his shoulder, the guy still head on their tails.

"Anywhere," the Captain says, suddenly turning a sharp corner.

"I... I can't," Alaina says in-between pants, her legs starting to falter. The Captain was still holding onto her hand and tugging her along, urging her to keep moving. Cain was behind them and running as hard as he could.

"No, no we need to keep going," the Captain says urgently.

"But... I... can't," Alaina struggles to say.

The Captain looks over his shoulder and at Cain for advice, but Cain was only looking at him blankly.

"Hang on till we get to the party," the Captain whispers to Alaina. Alaina only nods helplessly, her heart feeling like it was going to explode within her chest. She'd never run as hard as this in her life... well, not for years anyway.

Eventually, after another few minutes of scrambling along the hallways and the Captain finds the party where nothing had changed. He rushes down the stairs two at a time, Alaina still in hand in case she decided to flee or worse, turn on them. She was running out of breath, the Captain was realising as she trips on the stairs, her whole body crashing towards the floor. The Captain swings around just in time to catch her arms before they hit the ground to stop her fall. Her scream radiates around the room, causing a few of the guests to gasp in surprise.

"Is she alright?"

"Oh my."

"Come on, come on," the Captain was saying as he tries to get her to her feet.

Once she was finally on her feet after a few scrambling moments she was knocked sideways as the man following them finally reaches them. The Captain and Alaina tumble down the stairs, their hands coming apart as the Captain has to use both of his hands to tackle the guy. Both of the men roll onto the ground, the guests spreading away and allowing room for both of them to stand up.

The Captain instantly grabs for the dagger that Eris had used on him and lunges it forward, but the guy was too big and quick that the Captain was left piercing air. Alaina, with the help of Cain was put back on her feet and left to look upon the scene with awestruck eyes.

"What's happening?" Alaina asks in shock.

Alaina was never answered because the answer was displayed before her. The Captain swings his dagger around to hit off the guys throws, his movements surprisingly really good. He wasn't used to such good movements and his swings were a little rusty. This guy might look big and tough, but the Captain knew that he could injure him nevertheless.

"Come on," Cain whispers into Alaina's ear.

He gives her a soft push downstairs, leaving her to walk down the last few stairs till she was within the crowd. Cain was right behind her as they move through the parting guests.

"Excuse me, excuse me, sorry!" Cain says as he leads Alaina through the crowd, his arms on her shoulders and propelling her through.

"What the hell is going on!?" Nash says when they come up to him. Alaina stops before him and his partner who was clinging onto Nash.

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