19. A Clever Rescue

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19. A Clever Rescue

Cain pulls the sword further into Blade's neck, right till the skin felt like it was going to break at the slightly push. Blade lays down , still, his eyes filling with tears. He couldn't believe it... his best friend was standing before him, holding a sword at his neck.

"Cain... Cain!" Blade says, the sword cutting him slightly. He could feel the blood ooze down his neck, wet and sticky.

"You can't control him," Eris says with a smile. "He's under my control."

"You... you compelled him?" Blade asks, wanting to wipe away the tears.

"No dear Blade, magic does not involve compelling. He's doing this all on his own," Eris says.

"You've changed him," Blade says, anger filling him.

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here, peasant," Cain says, anger lashing his tone.

Blade lays there, his eyes widening at his best friend. Was he being serous right now? Had he heard him correctly?

"Cain, we're friends," Blade says. What had she done to him?

"Friends?" Cain spits. "I'd say the complete opposite."

Blade turns to glare at Eris. "What have you done to him?"

"I may have possibly juggled his mind up," Eris says. "But he doesn't know that."

"You crazy son of a bitch! What did I ever do to you to deserve this!?" Blade says, anger taking over.

Cain instantly pulls his sword away and picks Blade up by the cuff of his shirt roughly. Before Blade knew it he was being held against a tree, Cain's teeth bared before his face.

"Don't you ever talk about her like that again," Cain spits in his face.

Blade had never felt his friends hands against him like that before. His eyes once filled with kindness and love was now filled with hatred and anger. His hands once holding him kindly were now fisted against his neck.

Cain takes a step back from Blade, letting him go.

Blade slumps against the tree, his head lolling against the tree to look up at the sky above. He couldn't believe it... It felt like everything he'd once held close and dear had been ripped away from him. He knew his best friend would never have wanted this and somewhere, in the back of Blade's mind, he found himself wishing for Cain to be dead rather than standing before him right now. He knew his 'best friend' would have wanted that.

"Tie him up!" Cain barks orders.

Blade doesn't struggle as the pirates grab Blade roughly and tie ropes around his hands and a cloth around his mouth. Not once did he meet the cunning eyes of Eris as she laughs behind those blue, cold eyes. He could almost feel the happiness and thrill radiate from her like a bad smell. And as she stood tall on her pedestal of happiness, Blade could feel his life start to slip away.

"To the ship!"

Before Blade knew it he was shut in a dark cell, his back was leant against the wood with the moonlight streaming in through a set of small bars kept out of his reach up near the ceiling. Through the bars that lined the wall from the ground to the ceiling, a guard stood stand, watching either Blade or Nash through the poles.

But Blade was too preoccupied with his own thoughts to take any notice of what the guard was doing. Instead he was caught up in a tangled mess of frazzled thoughts. How had Cain come back? How was he alive? Blade had seen him being pierced through the heart and no way could someone survive that.... It was impossible, even with that amount of magik that Eris seemingly had. No one could cheat death, once death had you in his grasp he finished off the final ending by ripping your strings off the ground and retching you up to face your death. But how... It was surely Cain, no one else.

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