Chapter 2: Bitch of a Mate

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{Michael's POV}

"Did you get the horderves? NO! THOSE FLOWERS CAN NOT GO THERE!" Lily shouted at a poor wolf who was helping her set up for Jessica's birthday party.

"Mom, why does Jessica have to have a birthday party?" I huff

"Sweetie you know that the new rule is that all girls must have a 18th birthday party to help them find their mate" My mom gave me a bored look

"But she's not a girl...she's a demon" I shudder

"Very funny" She says amused before walking away to be with my dad. It still surprises me how their love grows stronger everyday. I still remember their wedding like it was yesterday.


"Mickey, you have to walk down the aisle with the flower girl! Fix your hair" mom yelled. She never yells at me.

"Mommy, calm down. Daddy loves you, don't worry" I hug her legs. My mommy looks so beautiful in all white. Her stomach is big too. She says that my little sister is growing in there. So cool.

"We're still going out to get ice cream after you and daddy marry right?" I ask making my signature puppy face

"Yep" she smiled wiping away a few tears

"Pinky swear" I say raising my pinky

"Pinky swear" she laughs and completes the gesture

"Mickey you're up" mommy said and I followed all of mommy's friends down the aisle, while holding hands with one of my cousins. Once we get to the end, I see my daddy and he smiles at me while giving me a thumbs up.

Then some old people music plays and mommy along with both of my grandpas come down the aisle with her. She looks so pretty. I look over to daddy again and he is smiling at her. I love my parents.

-Flashback Over-

I hope I have a mate and that we will be in love just like my parents are. I looked over to my mom laughing at something my dad said and I smile.

"EVERYONE TAKE YOUR PLACES SHE'S COMING!" Lily screeched and I rolled my eyes. Five seconds later I am hit with the most fragrant smell of roses and the forest right after it rains.

'Mate' My wolf says and I gulp. Fuck.

My mom looks up and looks at me in shock. She quickly makes her way over to me.

"You found you mate! Where is she?" She exclaims

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone suddenly yells and I am hit with the smell from before even harder. I take one look at where the smell was coming from and Jessica herself looks up in shock.

"MATE" I growled letting my wolf take over and everyone looked at me in surprise. JESSICA RADLEY! What the actual fuck, what did I do to deserve this moon goddess?

"Holy shit, Jessica's mate is Michael!" Logan said in shock and my Lily continued to gape at me and Jessica. My mom had wide eyes and my dad was just smiling his ass off.

I walk closer to Jessica and she glares.

"No. No way. I am not going to be mates with Pity Mickey" Jessica sneered and my mom let out a growl but I held up a hand to stop her from coming over here.

"So what are you saying?" I say as calmly as I can even though my wolf is angry and scared.

"I, Jessica Radley, reject you, Michael Maxwell" she says even though a few tears escape her eyes.

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