Chapter 15: Talking

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{Michael's POV}

"WHAT?!" we all shout in unison and Xena nods solemnly

"Ok, so just choose your other mate instead of me" Jessica reasoned and we all glare at her

"Actually, it's not that easy. Since he didn't meet his other mate yet, he can't choose one. Right now, you're his only mate. Plus, it not likely he'll meet his vampire mate...werewolves and vampires just don't...mix often" Xena says

"Oh" Blake replies and I almost want to applaud him for being so calm. If I had found out I had a vampire mate, everything in this room would be floating.

"But this is crazy, how could you be destined for two people at the same time. When you have a mate, you shouldn't even be thinking about loving another" Amy rants and Jessica scoffs

"Please, you're engaged to marry someone that's not Mickey. Hypocrite much?" Jessica accuses and my heart drops. After everything that was going on, I forgot about the invitation my parents had told me about. I can tell Amy forgot too, because her expression fell.

"H-how did you know about that?" Amy stutters

"Please, I find out lots of things" Jessica deadpans. My wolf riles up in anger at the thought of my mate marrying someone that's not me. I quickly exit the room before I do something that I might regret. From the corner of my eye, I saw Amy reach out for me but stops herself and it makes me even more mad.

As soon as I reach my room I grab the closest thing near me, which happened to be a lamp and I throw it at the wall in anger.

"Woah, dude calm down" voice says behind me and I turn around to see Blake leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. I notice that the transformation to a hybrid not only made his eyes a purple color but gave him a more muscular build.

"Whatever" I grunt and take a seat on my bed

"So what happened? Is what Jessica said true?" Blake asks and I nod

"Have you guys talked about it?" He continues and I shake my head

"Maybe that's part of the problem" He says and I look up at him and think of how he might be right

"Maybe it is" I repeat

"Hey man! What's up with all these people in your house?!" I look up at the sound of a voice and see Andrew. Oh god.

"Hi, my name's Blake" Blake says standing, introducing himself to Andrew

"Hello, my name's not Blake" Andrew grins and I shake my head

"My name is Andrew" Andrew adds when Blake raised an eyebrow

"So dude, are you gonna answer my question?" Andrew drawls, jumping onto my bed and I groan at him. What am I gonna do now?

"The lady downstairs is named Xena, she's a old friend of my uncle. You already know Amy, and this is my...cousin, Blake. He's gonna be living with me now." I lie and Blake me a 'are you serious?' look and Andrew just grins.

"You're gonna be living here from now on?! That only means one thing...PARTY!" Andrew shouts and I immediately shake my head

"Aw come on, I've never been to a party and this is the perfect excuse to celebrate. Megan Riley is having a party tonight!" Andrew pleads and I glare. Megan Riley was some random girl from our grade. I never even talked to her before.

"No" I say while at the same time Blake asks

"What's a party?"

Andrew and I both shared a look of shock. Wow, living under the rogue king really must've been like a jail, keeping them from the outside world.

"Damn, where the hell is your cousin from?" Andrew asks incredulously and I just ignore his question because I didn't know what to say

"Ok we'll go" I say because I wanted Blake to have fun. For once.

"Mickey, can I talk to you?" A small voice comes from my door and I find Amy standing there looking nervous. Andrew gives me a suggestive look as he leaves the room and Blake winks before following him out.

"What?" I ask cooly and she stands awkwardly in front of me so I just decide to be a little nice and pat the seat next to me. She takes a seat and begins.

"Well, a couple months ago, my pack was under attack and it wasn't just one attack. It was like...constant. Apparently, Alpha of the pack, had just lost everything. The Rogue King had just killed his parents, siblings, and best friend. He was now the Alpha of the pack and he was damaged. He just wanted to hurt everything in his way. My pack was the closest to him. He started relentlessly attacking us, we lost almost half of our pack members and then they made a proposition. He needed a Luna to run the pack with him and he had no family left, honestly I just think he didn't want to be alone anymore. So my dad agreed and made my engagement with him. But that was before I met you." Amy explains.

I almost missed it, but I watched as a tear slid down her cheek, and was stopped by her frowning lips.

"And if you don't marry him, he'll attack your pack again." I say dawning of realization

"Yes" she sighs

"Wait, what about his mate?" I ask in hope

"He thinks that she died along with other members of his pack when the Rogue King attacked" She says

"But how does he know for sure?" I ask

"He doesn't" she says suddenly smiling

"We just need to find his mate" I continue, grinning and squeeze her hand in excitement. I watch as a light blush takes over her beautiful features and I smirk.

"XENA!" we both yell and she rushes up to my room

"Jeez, you made me think it was an emergency" she pants out of breath

"But it is an emergency" I say and she rolls her eyes

"Sure. What is it?" she asks

"Can you find out who someone's mate is?" Amy asks

"Of course I can. But, what I can't do is make them fall in love or mate. I will just be able to tell you who it is and that's it. Also, I'm not able to actually tell the actual person who their mate is. They have to find out themselves. No one can tell the person either. So when I tell you who the persons mate is, you're not allowed to tell them but, that doesn't mean you can't lead them to each other." Xena states and Amy and I share a look. So, it might be harder than we thought but it doesn't matter.

"Ok, let's do it now" I say and Xena chuckles

"Eager huh? Well, first I need something belonging to the person. Something they interact with often. A shoe, hairbrush, wallet, sock, clothes, etc." Xena announces

Well this might be way harder than we thought. 

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