Chapter 1: Life

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{Michael's POV}

Life. Life is a real pain in the ass. Sometimes I just wish the moon goddess would just take my life.

"MICKEY! STOP HAVING SUCH MORBID THOUGHTS!" My mom yells from downstairs. Ah shit!

Sometimes I really hate the guardian bond she has with me. It's like she has a security camera in my brain. We have a special bond, a separate mindlink to communicate and sometimes we could even see through each other eyes. Creepy, I know.

'Sorry mom' I reply through the mindlink because I was too lazy to yell.

'It's ok. Now hurry, you'll be late for school. Your sister is already down here...which I must say is surprising' she replies

Ah Lilliana! That's a whole other story. To sum it up...she's a total bitch. I mean, she's my sister and all but, I have to speak the truth. She's a bitch. She acts all innocent at home but when we get to school, it's like she's a different person. My dad doesn't really know that fact, he thinks she's a good girl but one time, my mom looked through my eyes using the guardian bond while I was at school and at that moment I just so happened to be watching Lilly bully this girl.

My mom grounded her for two weeks and Lilly always kinda resented me for that. That and also the fact that she thinks mom likes me more than her.

I quickly jump in the shower after brushing my teeth and give my body a rinse before coming out and throwing on a pair of jeans and a white shirt.

"Mom...Dad" I greet when I reach downstairs

"Mickey" they both said in unison while my sister sneers at me

"Lilly, do you have something you would like to say to Michael?" My mom asks as she raises an eyebrow

"No mom" she says quietly and my dad chuckles

"Hurry up and eat the pancakes your dad made and get out of the house!" Mom laughs when dad shakes his head and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Ew.

"Mickey give your sister a ride" My dad says but Lilly snorts before I could answer

"What was that Lilliana?" Dad asks

"Oh nothing, I just have to say that I already have a ride" She responds quickly and I bite my tongue. In all my years of high school I have never given her a ride. Why? Because she said and I quote "I would never take a ride from you that's social suicide".

"Well ok then" My mom says and just then a car honks from outside

"That's for me. My" Lilly rushes and then runs out

"Um, Mickey are you gonna go now?" Dad asks and I shove the last pancake in my mouth

"Yep. Bye love you" I call out as I shut the front door

I get in my Lexus RC F Sport 2015 which was my 17th birthday present from my dad last year.

I drive as slow as I possibly can, to Rockwood High, the same high school my parents went to. Except it doesn't hold good memories for me as it did for them.

As I get out of the car the torture begins to start.

"Hey everyone look it's pity Mickey" Logan, Lilly's asshole of a boyfriend calls out and I roll my eyes.

"Did you just roll your eyes at me, orphan?" Logan said walking up to me

"I'm not an orphan" I mutter under my breath and he grabs me by the neck

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